The perfume musc for Delphine

Delphine falls for the softness of th perfume musc, the warm and comforting eau de parfum

I can’t resist the perfume musc, a feeling of purity, simplicity and comfort.

Delphine from the Youtube channel “Parfum”

Delphine has been immersed in a bottle of perfume since she was very young. This lover of scents and the whole world of perfume has decided to share her discoveries and her favorites through a Youtube channel. She reveals her favorite fragrances and the olfactory finds she has encountered during her well-smelled tribulations!

It was while searching for new gems to smell that Delphine came across Carrément Belle! With the Discovery Set, she was able to test the samples of the 13 eaux de parfum that our Collection includes. She hesitated between the original musc and the 555, but it was the perfume musc that her nose fell on. With its floral and sensual notes, this intimate and discreet fragrance can be savored like a thrill on the skin. The beautiful youtuber likes to wear it for its own smell, like a real cuddly toy as warm as comforting. Besides, for Delphine, we should all have a perfume as musc in our personal collection… And you, what do you think about it?

Have you already tried the eau de parfum musc?

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