Cyrielle and alõ: a new perfumed love story

alõ made Cyrielle's nose fall in love with its marine and invigorating notes

Alõ is my favorite, the one that makes me fall into a new olfactory family.

Cyrielle, form the blog Around my world

The beautiful Cyrielle has been passionate about fashion, beauty and all things related to well-being since she was a teenager. And as the years go by, she never tires of expressing herself on her blog about her latest discoveries. Her “simple, girly and dynamic” universe met ours, the time of an exciting, passionate and totally perfumed review!

To determine which fragrance would definitely make her fall in love with it, the pretty blogger first tried the Discovery Set. Every day, she applied a different composition to her skin, breathed it in and noticed its evolution over the hours. Used to floral and citrus notes, Cyrielle wanted to get out of her olfactory comfort zone. And the fragrance that finally shook her nostrils was alõ. Initially fresh, citrusy and marine, alõ warms up over time on the skin with the warmth of a woody vetiver. And it is this mixture of freshness and soothing comfort that made Cyrielle fall in love. An unexpected crush that inspired the young woman to create a luminous makeup with 50 shades of blue! It is thus at the side of alõ that she intends to continue this new perfumed adventure…

Have you tried our eau de parfum alõ?

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