555, the last “love at first smell” of Lâm

555 is a unisex eau de parfum that has charmed Lâm's nose with its mysterious notes

555 is one of those elixir perfumes that we quickly become addicted to!

Lâm from the blog La Beauté de Lâm

On her blog, Lâm explains to us how much she is a real perfume addict. She loves to discover new products from all horizons, from mainstream brands to niche perfumery and its more confidential creations. Because if the pretty blogger is a fragrance fan, she doesn’t like to wear the same scent as everyone else! What seduced her at Carrément Belle? To find atypical perfumes that we don’t smell everywhere to please ourselves at affordable prices without ever skimping on quality!

First, she was able to try all the scents in the Collection thanks to the Discovery Set. Lâm was seduced by the enveloping, sensual and reassuring scents of vanille, musc and 555. But it was the eau de parfum 555 that completely surprised her with its ambivalence and originality. Indeed, this composition with the tender and amber wake reveals itself as virile as feminine thanks to these accords of pepper and iris. Its heart of incense makes it almost “mystical”. It diffuses a soft warmth in which we detect gourmand notes of licorice, cinnamon and citrus. The hold on the skin and the evolution of the fragrance over the hours have finally conquered the blogger! Moreover, 555 is a unisex fragrance that suits women looking for a perfume with character, as well as men who like soft and racy fragrances.

Have you ever smelled the eau de parfum 555? Would you be willing to share it with your partner?

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