How to offer perfume and avoid mistake?

Offer a perfume as a gift is always a good idea: even more if you follow our tips to avoid making mistakes

We are already in December, just a few days away from Christmas and the reunion with friends and family. If this prospect fills you with joy, it also means that it is more than ever time to prepare and find gifts that will hit the nail on the head. Because we understand that the desire to offer a perfume can sometimes be a headache, discover all our tips to find THE perfect gift, without making any mistake!

To offer a perfume: easy or too risky?

Awkward situation

A few days before Christmas, in a crowded perfume store saturated with scents, you are looking for a perfume that will please your cousin. Faced with hundreds of references, flankers, formats and other sets, you have only one desire: to run for your life and go breathe fresh air. In the end, you take the same perfume you’ve been offering her for the last 8 years… Some daredevils will try something new by grabbing that colorful bottle in the middle of the shelf. The contrite smile, that looks more like a strange rictus, of the aforesaid cousin when she opens the package transcribes undoubtedly a bad judgment: it is the perfume of her husband’s ex, the one she hates more than anything!

Are you familiar with these situations? Don’t give up, it’s never too late to become the pro at scented gifts that will make your eyes and noses shine!

Too personal gift?

When we open the debate on the question of perfume as a gift, the answers are numerous: “no, a perfume is too personal”, “I won’t take that risk” or even the vindictive “you can’t give it away, it’s intimate”. But why is the task so difficult? Quite simply because the sense of smell is at the heart of our emotions, literally speaking. Indeed, it is the sense that is closest to our brain and thus acts directly on our emotions. Basically, perfume accompanies us every day in an unconscious way to become OUR smell. Finding a fragrance that doesn’t correspond to the person would therefore be rather unwelcome. However, to offer a perfume can also and above all be a true proof of affection, which shows that you know the other person inside out! 

First step: play detective

Before launching into the quest for the perfumed Grail, make sure you know a minimum of the tastes of the recipient of the surprise. Avoid to offer a perfume to the mother-in-law you just met, at the risk of not choosing the right composition. To find the perfect fragrance for your loved ones, get out the magnifying glass and the Sherlock Holmes mantle to be on the lookout for clues.

Careful analysis

Knowing what he/she likes or dislikes, the character, the way of behaving with others… All this information constitutes so many clues that will be able to guide you. If the person is rather shy, don’t bet everything on sensual and powerful fragrances, even downright experimental. Prefer for example a discreet perfume. On the contrary, if she is extroverted and sparkling, find more sustained compositions that could correspond to her. The style of dress can also offer you some ideas as to where you can venture. Finally, study the routine, hobbies and lifestyle. Between the homebird and the partier, the fragrance desires will probably not be the same. She/he is a nature lover? There is a good chance that citrusy or woody scents will appeal to that nose! Even if these elements are not an exact science, they can already guide your choices.

Investigate their favorite fragrances

It’s time to be discreet and subtly check out the bottles on the dressing table. Memorize their names and do a little research on the Internet to dissect the notes of these compositions. This will help you understand her/his favorite ingredients and olfactory families. Some sites such as Fragrantica or Olfastory reveal the secrets of almost every perfume! Does she like vanilla and gourmand smells? Or rather oriental accords with spicy notes? With this precious olfactory information in your pocket, you are now armed to offer a perfume that will really please your loved ones.

How to offer perfume without making a mistake?

The right idea: offer different variations

If you already have her/his favorite scent in mind, it’s almost a done deal! You have several options:

  • Opt for the big size. At Carrément Belle our eaux de parfum are available in 50ml and 100ml, for twice the pleasure!
  • Choose a more concentrated formula with the pure perfume. This version delivers the same scent, but more intensely and is even longer lasting than an eau de parfum. It’s an inspired idea for all fans of our iconic fragrances.
  • Try the variation in home fragrance so that he/she can enjoy the beloved smell in a cosy way. Scented candles or incenses to burn, it’s up to you!
  • Finally, you can decide to offer a scented set that will bring together the perfume in different formats by mixing formulas, concentrations or even skin and home fragrances. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, let yourself be guided by the personalities behind our sets.

Go all in

Want to offer an unknown perfume? Why not! Now that you know more about her/his tastes, you have to put yours aside! And yes, we often tend to be influenced by our own perception and desires. If you don’t like this perfume, maybe it will hit the bull’s eye for the others! You can also bet on unisex fragrances that will appeal to a large number of people.

The Discovery Set

Still afraid of making a mistake? We have the solution! Because a scent is worth a thousand words, we have created the Discovery Set. This box contains samples of our 13 eaux de parfum, blotters, an explanatory booklet to understand the olfactory universe of each of our creations, and surprises (but we don’t tell you everything, otherwise it’s not funny). You can offer it to create a moment of olfactory discovery, allowing you to put the finger, not in your nose, but on her/him future favorite fragrance. You can also use this box to test our compositions and determine which one will please your entourage the most! The little extra? The purchase of a Discovery Set generates a 15€ voucher valid 30 days for the order of an eau de parfum or a pure perfume… And that’s all year round, not just for the holidays!

Which of our fragrances would you like to receive for Christmas?

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