Marine goes to board the perfume ïōdé

The perfume ïōdé moves Marine's nose with its intense marine freshness and chypre notes

I chose the perfume ïōdé. It’s an eau de parfum that is as fresh as it is floral with notes of amber, musk and jasmine.

Marine from the blog Marinelle

From her native Belgium, the beautiful Marine has built her 2.0 cocoon where she shares her universe beyond borders. In love with travel, decoration, beauty and words, she combines all her passions on her blog Marinelle. If she reveals herself with an open heart, she also likes to share with her readers her latest discoveries, especially olfactory ones!

To spend an inspired Christmas, Marine decided to treat herself to a Carrément Belle perfume a little early. To better find the fragrance that will make her fall in love, she first slipped a Discovery Set into her basket. This box contains 13 samples of our eaux de parfum. Assiduously testing all of these scents, the pretty Belgian opted for the freshness of the perfume ïōdé. With this fragrance as her captain, Marine is thus ready to spend the winter on the open sea… Led by the floral and chypre notes of this escapist smell. A great gift idea to slip under the tree this year…

Do you know our ïōdé perfume?

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