The scented candle SO warms the evenings of Nathalie

the scented candle so of carrement belle conquered Nathalie's nostrils with its amber, floral and spicy perfume

If you want to bring an extra-special something to your living space, create a cozy and warm atmosphere, I recommend the scented candle SO of Carrément Belle.

Nathalie, from the blog “Les Envies de Talie”

On her blog, Nathalie reveals her beauty and well-being favorites since 2013. And for her, coquetry and happiness often rhyme with scent! According to the pretty blogger, there is nothing like a scented interior to feel good and comforted. Oscillating between several methods, it is the candles that she prefers when the winter is coming, when the cold sets in and the days are getting shorter. For Nathalie, they are her daily allies in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Addicted to her beautiful wax friends, the blogger is always looking for new things to expand her collection and discover new scents. And that’s where our paths crossed! She was thus able to make the olfactory acquaintance of the scented candle SO… and fell directly under its bewitching charm! This olfactory and decorative object reveals a mixture of amber, spices, flowers and citrus notes. This festive program is diffused in her home sweet home in a subtle but strong way. It’s the perfect dose to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Inspired by the most sensual of our fragrances, the scented candle SO instantly warms up the atmosphere and invites you to a timeless interlude. What if you take a moment just for yourself, like Nathalie?

Have you ever smelled the scented candle SO?

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