When original musc bewitches Sophie’s nose…

original musc won sophie's favor with its powdery and sensual notes

I’ve been looking for a delicate, fresh musky scent that stays on my skin for years. I have found it! It is the original musc of Carrément Belle.

Sophie from the blog “Les enfants de Peau d’âne”

Sophie is an accomplished mom and a passionate blogger. On her blog, she likes to share beauty and well-being moments, decoration tips or even culinary discoveries and ideas for walks… As you can see, Sophie is a jack-of-all-trades who never tires of pulling out her camera and putting words on her latest discoveries!

For several years, the pretty mother has been searching the web for a musky perfume. Indeed, this tender smell comforts her and evokes many memories. That’s how she came across original musc, our discreet and bewitching fragrance. This sensual eau de parfum features white musk, along with amber, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Thanks to this subtle blend, you will discover a warm and enveloping composition. For Sophie, original musc is “soft as a caress, bewitching and extremely seductive”. And it has become her new essential perfume gesture after the make-up stage. There’s no doubt about it, the beautiful blogger has finally found her perfumed Grail with this musky scent!

Do you know the eau de parfum original musc?

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