A rose perfume for the beautiful Anna

The eau de parfum label rose is reviewed by Anna's nose

Label rose is a rose perfume, quite flowery. But it’s not the old-fashioned rose that might remind us of our grandmothers. No, it is a modern rose, soft and feminine

Anna form the blog “Anna fait son blog”

Annabel, better known as Anna, is a young Lorraine woman who shares on her blog her addiction to everything related to beauty and well-being. She is a great lover of reading and makeup, and loves to take care of herself and pamper herself from head to toe! She is passionate about discovering new things in these fields. And that’s why she loves to share her latest crushes with some readers just as passionate as she is!

If the beautiful Anna particularly appreciates the world of cosmetics, she is also very sensitive to the universe of fragrances. That’s why her nose was pleased to look at our Discovery Set. And it didn’t take long for her olfactory love affair to strike… It’s the composition label rose that caught the eye (and the nose) of the pretty blogger! This rose perfume is revealed in several nuances, it is far from being a simple floral bouquet. Behind its clearly displayed romanticism and femininity, a precious and sensual wake is hidden thanks to woody nuances and a musky notes. Anna even discovers tones of violet and citrus at the top that give it a slight gourmand aspect, like a sweet and subtle candy at the same time.

Do you like rose perfume? Do you know our fragrance label rose?

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