The eau de parfum vanille conquers Belgium!

The eau de parfum vanille seduced Charlotte with its spicy and gourmand notes

The eau de parfum vanille is gourmand and comforting.

Charlotte from the blog Charlotte-BB

Landing on the blog of the beautiful Charlotte, is to enter her sparkling and refreshing universe! We talk about beauty, cooking, but also decoration and tips to apply to soften her daily life. The pretty Belgian shares all her discoveries as she would in real life with her friends. So, if you’re looking for inspired advice, go read Charlotte’s posts ! You’ll be sure to have a good time and make some nice finds

Passionate about fashion and beauty, Charlotte is equally enthusiastic about fragrances. Always on the lookout for new or previously unknown gems, she was able to dive into our olfactory universe thanks to the Discovery Set. It was with a certain excitement that she opened this box filled with 13 samples of our eaux de parfum. The coquette blogger was then able to get to know her future favorite composition by learning to test and discover the different fragrances, over the course of hours and days, directly on her skin.

While she thought she was sure to fall for musc, it was the eau de parfum vanille that totally titillated her nostrils… Hence the interest of discovering everything quietly at home and at her own pace, rather than being fooled by a simple spray in a perfume shop. The eau de parfum vanille joined Charlotte’s fragrance collection. She has succumbed to the warm, gourmand notes of this formula… which will accompany her all year long!

Have you already tested the eau de parfum vanille? Do you like gourmand perfumes?

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