What spring perfume should you wear?

the spring perfume is light, floral, musky or citrus...

It’s time to put away the heavy sweaters and coats and bring out your lighter second skin. Floral scents, musky tones or citrusy nuances… Which fragrance will seduce you to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the beautiful days? To announce our favorite season, we reveal all our tips to find the perfect spring perfume.

Changing your perfume in spring?

Finally, the month of March is settling down. The sun is gaining precious minutes every evening promising us longer and longer days and the temperatures are starting to rise. While some people keep the same essence all year long, as a kind of “signature” perfume, others play the infidel by varying the pleasures with each new season. So just as we put our warm clothes in the closet, our noses also want to change their olfactory wardrobe. Our desire for warm, gourmand and comforting scents is gradually giving way to softer and lighter compositions that echo the renewal of this spring season. On the skin as at home, fresh fragrances blossom… before plunging our nostrils into sunny notes whirlwind in summer!

Spring perfume, scent of renewal

The emblematic olfactory notes of spring

With the arrival of spring, it is difficult to miss floral fragrances. In soliflore or built like real olfactory bouquets, the floral notes are everywhere! Far from us the old-fashioned and too wise juices of a few decades ago, these fresh nuances can be combined in many ways in formulas, giving life to several mix like floral and chypre or woody and even fruity accords. Among the various floral notes, we particularly like to wear rosy undertones of geranium, rose or peony during spring. Our noses are also enveloped in the softness of powdery flowers such as violet, iris or heliotrope.

Not a fan of flowers? You can opt for the freshness of citrus accords! Citrus fruits are highlighted in spring perfumes. Orange, lemon, grapefruit or bergamot bring a good olfactory boost to formulas! This zest of pep reveals a lot of freshness, while diffusing a beautiful sunny impression on the skin. The marine nuances also resurface to brighten up the fragrances with an iodized flight. Before going on vacation by the sea, they are ideal to wait for summer and already start traveling. The spring perfume can also be made softer and more sensual thanks to musk. This powdery and vaporous ingredient distils a beautiful sensation of lightness, while making your skin shiver with a certain animality, without doing too much…

The concentration game

From March onwards, perfume often tends to become lighter in concentration. The powerful and heady juices that we like so much in winter fade away. In spring, as throughout the year, our eaux de parfum will be ideal to accompany you in your daily adventures. More concentrated than an eau de toilette or Cologne, they will envelop your skin during from morning to night, according the the formula and your skin!

If the days are beautiful and sunny, the spring evenings can quickly turn cold. So just as you take your wooly that you like to wrap up in once the sun goes down, you can choose the intensity of the pure perfume to warm you up at nightfall. These precious formulas diffuse the same scent as eau de parfum. The difference? It is revealed in a version even more concentrated in raw materials. They are therefore more powerful and will stick to your skin even longer.

Home fragrance: the great olfactory cleaning

The arrival of this new season is often synonymous with spring cleaning. After a thorough cleaning of every corner of the house, it’s time for a big airing! We open wide all the windows to give a big breath of fresh air in its interior to make it take again some colors! But if spring is slow in coming in your area, you can always perfume your home sweet home with one of our inspired candles or with incenses to burn, according to your preferences. Sea scents, fruity smells or flowery fragrances will delicately fill your home with perfume… Because the scent of spring is also diffused at home!

Spring perfumes in the Carrément Belle style

label rose unveils floral and green nuances

A bouquet of liquid flowers with label rose

If we had to choose only one perfume to wear in spring, it would of course be label rose. Even if its sensual and elegant character goes very well all year round, it is during this season that it is even more beautiful! In this floral composition, you will discover a bouquet of Damascena rose, peony and violet that gives a very fresh side to the composition. This apparent sweetness is raised by a woody and musky wake which gives the fragrance a true personality, far from the rose of our dear grandmothers certainly, but a little out of fashion all the same!

the eau de parfum ïōdé unveils a chypre fragrance, with marine and floral notes

The chypre floral ïōdé

In spring, our desires place the course on ïōdé and its marine scent! It is in fact a vivid impression of sea spray that emanates from the perfume at first breath. Delicately lulled by the lapping of the waves, your nostrils then drift towards a floral oasis where lily of the valley, rose and jasmine meet. This dense and deep freshness is intensified by a much warmer base in which we find the emblems of the chypre accord with moss and patchouli and a sensual amber note.

the eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli

The patchouli of the beautiful days : the eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli

If we like to wear ippi patchouli all year round, in spring it is its olfactory descendant that we appreciate even more when sprayed on the skin or on a Beau Carré. Built as a tribute to its elder brother, ippi patchouli clair keeps its raw and earthy heart. What changes is this beautiful sunny and citrusy touch, perfect for the season! You’ll also be able to smell more gourmand notes of praline and apricot in the background, making this fragrance a real treat to enjoy all year long!

The eau de parfum musc is fresh and fruity, an intimate and enveloping fragrance

Between softness and freshness, the sensuality of musc

Can you smell those fresh and fruity notes? This is the shivering start of the eau de parfum musc! It makes its entrance on a resolutely thirst-quenching note thanks to raspberry and melon. Then its wake becomes much more sensual. Here the white musk combines with the bewitching and powdery flowers of ylang-ylang and jasmine. This discreet and animal fragrance at the same time makes us want to take off the coats to better wear it closer to our skin…

And you, what is the perfume you like to wear in spring?

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