The romantic rosy notes in perfumery

the rosy notes reveal fresh, green and romantic nuances. They bring a lot of elegance to the fragrances

How about joining us for a country walk today? We suggest that you set out to conquer the rosy notes in perfumery. If rose is the undisputed star of this olfactory facet, you should know that many other floral ingredients are also invited in this category. Between sweetness, freshness and sensuality, discover all the nuances of these emblematic notes of the feminine perfumery, but not only!

The most romantic floral notes

Among the great olfactory families that exist in perfumery, there is one that has never lost its elegance or popularity. Floral fragrances are certainly the largest and most widespread olfactory category in the world even today. Within this large family, there is a multitude of different notes and facets, as the raw materials used are so diverse and varied. We think of the sweet white flowers, or the powdery floral notes or even the spicy ones. But among these different tones, the rosy notes are the precursor. They are the most used in floral compositions and have been seducing noses in search of softness and freshness for hundreds, even thousands of years. Emblematic of femininity, rosy notes have been widely used in many creations thanks to their inspiring shades.

The ingredients of the rosy notes

As you can see, the rose is definitely the star of this olfactory representation. But among the rosy notes, the perfumer can also draw on the tones of other equally inspiring ingredients. Let’s take a look at these romantic raw materials:

european perfume: centifolia rose from Grasse in France

In the name of the rose

A key ingredient in the fragrance designer’s palette, the rose is the material that always surprises us with its thousand and one interpretations. In perfumery, two varieties are used: Damascena, with its captivating, lemony fragrance, whose essence dresses our eau de parfum label rose, and Centifolia, warm and waxy. The nose can choose to integrate several perfumed materials into its composition: rose water, hydrolat extracted from the distillation of the petals, or an absolute with an even more opulent scent. If you want to know more about this emblematic raw material, go to our dedicated article.

The peony has a rosy and tender fragrance, and vegetal notes.

Beautiful and fiery peony

The large pink, white or red flowers of the peony have been known and used since antiquity for their numerous virtues. Beyond its almost magical powers, the peony is one of the most prized flowers in perfumery. To create all the subtlety of the rosy notes, noses can also resort to this flower. As beautiful and fragrant as it is in its natural state, it is nevertheless mute. In fact, the precious flower does not deliver its perfume naturally. Its delicately powdery and vegetal notes are thus recreated in the laboratory thanks to synthetic chemistry. We can also reproduce a peony accord thanks to the assembly of different odorant molecules coming from the rose and the raspberry.

Geranium is used in perfumery thanks to its essential oil whose smell is lemony and green

Geranium Rosat from elsewhere

Originally from South Africa, rose geranium is now widely cultivated in Egypt. This ingredient is popular with perfumers because it has a complex and rich scent that is green, rosy, lemony and mentholated. Its essence is used to reproduce the note of lychee or to evoke lemongrass. Its perfume is very similar to that of the rose, but it has a more aromatic facet often used in the fern accord, in particular for the male perfumery. All the sensuality and subtlety of these nuances can be found in SO, our oriental citrus fragrance.

The amazing cyclamen

Cyclamen is a winter flower that gives off a great fresh scent. In Roman times, it was even more appreciated because it was considered a powerful aphrodisiac. The cyclamen would thus have been integrated into a good number of love potions whose effectiveness cannot really be proven to you! As with the peony, the cyclamen flower remains silent when it comes to extracting it. Its slightly wet, soft, rosy and floral scent is therefore reproduced in the laboratory from other raw materials. Noses incorporate this accord into compositions for its incredible freshness.

Cherry blossoms from Japan deliver a delicate and powdery scent.

The cherry blossom, emblem of Japan

Emblem of Japan, the cherry blossom tree is celebrated every year in an event that now attracts tourists from all over the world. During the first week of April, the Hunami festival celebrates the blossoming of the Sakura, or cherry tree in Japanese. These majestic trees embellish the landscape with shades of white, red and pink. In addition to its beauty, the sakura also gives off a fragrance that is appreciated by Japanese women. Very soft and feminine, cherry blossoms are far from the sweet smell of summer fruits. The petals give off a slightly fruity scent while being a little bitter.

The ephemeral four-o’clock

As beautiful as it is fleeting, the four-o’clock blooms abundantly in the cool of the evening and then fades away in the early morning. Addicted to the sun, this colored flower intrigues because it does not look like any other. The scent of this night owl is like it; bewitching, while revealing rich and deep nuances. It is generally associated with rosy notes because the four-o’clock offers a floral and slightly fruity scent. Its essence also breathes a warm and velvety impression that brings it closer to the notes of the Centifolia rose.

Hawthorn, wild rose

Hawthorn is a small wild shrub. A distant cousin of the rosebush, our ancestors used to pick the small berries for their numerous phytotherapeutic virtues. This plant has been the subject of many legends and beliefs since antiquity. Nowadays, it is better known for the delicate and sweet perfume of its small flowers. Unfortunately, these flowers are also mute. But noses are stubborn and they recreate its smell from different synthetic molecules. Its accord evokes a flowery and humid garden after a summer rain. The hawthorn thus reveals rosy, watery and voluptuous notes which agree with many olfactory formulas.

The use of rosy notes in perfumery

Thanks to their great freshness, their vegetal and humid nuances, rosy notes can easily be associated with all olfactory families. The perfumer can choose to express the beauty of these notes by positioning them in the middle of the fragrance, to give your nose the impression of walking through a rose garden. They can also be more discreet and accompany oriental, spicy and amber tones. Their sensual freshness also blends perfectly with the dynamism of fruitier ingredients. If rosy notes are an integral part of women’s perfumery, more and more men’s juices are appropriating the almost aromatic sweetness of these ingredients to refresh their compositions.

Rosy notes, by Carrément Belle

In our collection, we have two fragrances that incorporate these delicate and pure notes, as different as they are.

label rose unveils floral and green nuances

A concentrate of romanticism with label rose

The rosiest of our fragrances is without a doubt label rose. This springtime essence (but of course can be worn all year round) unveils a bouquet of liquid flowers to die for. Your nose will discover all the subtlety and freshness of the essence of Damascena Rose from Bulgaria, accompanied by a peony accord as powerful as delicate. These rosy notes are supported by the powdery tones of the violet. The wake of this composition is finally more precious and fiery thanks to woody and musky notes.

so reveals spicy notes thanks to coriander

The flowering heart of SO

In the oriental family, I ask for the floral and spicy fragrance: let’s play with SO! This undeniably sensual fragrance begins with a citrus note that will awaken your senses. Before fading into a much warmer, ambery base, SO reveals a floral heart in which the smell of geranium and rose are in unison. Here is a perfume that invites you to travel…

Do you like rosy notes in perfumery?

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