Geranium: a delicate and androgynous perfume

the geranium reveals a flowery, soft and lemony perfume, very used in the male fragrances

As colorful as it is fragrant, the geranium blossoms on our balconies as well as in our bottles. This flowering plant, originally from Africa, has seduced many noses who appreciate its fresh and rosy notes. From its leaves and stems is extracted an essence rich in contrasts and nuances that can be found in both feminine and masculine juices. Let’s go and conquer this ingredient like no other.

The origins of geranium

History & Botany

The geranium is an herbaceous plant that produces pretty little colored flowers. King of our balconies and gardens, the most common species of geranium is the pelargonium. There are more than 400 different varieties! The one that adorns our windows is not really known for its perfume, even if its flowers diffuse a pleasant scent. It is the geranium rosat, also called pelargonium graveolens, that is of particular interest to perfumers. Indeed, it contains a precious and very fragrant essence. Originally from South Africa, the geranium rosat was born from crosses between several species present in the country. Today, it is cultivated in many regions such as Reunion Island (we speak of a “Bourbon” variety), but also in China, Morocco and mainly in Egypt. According to its origin, its essence will not have exactly the same smell and the same quality.

An essence with a thousand virtues

Like sage or even lavender, geranium is a plant known for its multiple medicinal properties. Thus, the cultivation of geranium rosat has been widely developed to produce in quantity the precious essence contained in the leaves and stem of this plant. This essential oil, present in perfumery, is also widely used for its numerous curative virtues. And this is how this ingredient has become an essential in phytotherapy for its antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Medicinal plant par excellence, it also prevents circulatory problems. Locally, its leaf is often used to treat skin problems such as acne or eczema.

The use of geranium in perfumery

Perfume of this “other rose”

Geranium is very commonly used in perfumery. For this purpose, the noses integrate most often its essential oil in the formulas of the fragrances. This wonderful elixir with great olfactory virtues is obtained by steam distilling the leaves and stem of the flowering plant. It is also possible to make geranium rosat absolute, even more powerful and opulent, thanks to the process of extraction with volatile solvents. Thus transformed, the plant reveals a perfume very close to that of the queen of flowers, hence its nickname “the other rose“. Its notes are thus well and truly rosy, with a lemony smell and a minty aspect, very fresh. The perfume of the geranium is round, very flowery while remaining soft and subtle. It evokes lemongrass and also recreates synthetically the juicy and exotic scent of lychee.

The most masculine of perfume plants

Contrary to what we might think, and despite its rose aspect, the scent of geranium rosat is mostly integrated into male compositions! If its floral perfume, at the same time fresh and subtle, seduces the women, it is an essential ingredient in the creation of the fern accord. This emblematic olfactory facet of men’s perfumery generally follows a fairly precise structure. Geranium rosat is found in a very floral heart, surrounded by a citrusy and aromatic top note (with bergamot and lavender) as well as a more woody base note thanks to oakmoss. Long used in men’s hygiene products, the fern accord has really given birth to men’s fragrances as such. The perfumer can also integrate geranium rosat essence in other formulas by playing on its vegetal nuances, to create a subtle and fresh green accord.

Olfactory associations of geranium

Thanks to its floral sweetness, geranium essential oil is a bit of an olfactory chameleon! It goes well with many tones by blowing its and acidulous perfume. Thanks to its flowery wake, it refreshes chypre formulas and nuances the most woody fragrances. Its subtle notes also blend with aromatic facets and of course, floral compositions. The geranium also illuminates the oriental fragrances in which it is particularly well matched with amber and vanilla. Some noses speak of “floriental” compositions!

Geranium of the Orient : our Carrément Belle interpretation

The path of this amazing ingredient crossed ours during the conception of one of our first fragrances, which is often among your favorites.

so reveals spicy notes thanks to coriander

SO, the perfume from afar

It is in the eau de parfum SO that you can find all the subtlety of the geranium rosat. In this sensual fragrance, the start is first fresh thanks to the sun-drenched citrus notes. Then, a flowery heart blossoms. The essence of Egyptian geranium rosat rubs shoulders with jasmine and rose. It is also adorned with various spicy facets that will give it even more character and depth. It is a warm and amber wake that will tickle your nose to impregnate your skin with a soft oriental heat…

Did you know the scent of geranium and more specifically the essence of geranium rosat?

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