Amandine falls for the marine fragrance of alõ

the marine fragrance of alõ has drawn the nostrils of the beautiful amandine to the open sea

This marine fragrance is ideal for summer and beautiful days. When I wear it, I imagine myself at the water’s edge…

Amandine from the blog Le Boudoir d’Amandine

It’s near Nîmes and therefore near our workshop that lives the pretty Amandine, a passionate of fashion and beauty. And this passion, she likes to share it through her blog, her little boudoir. In her articles, she gives her opinion on her latest finds and her pretty discoveries. Being a migraine sufferer, the beautiful blogger is rather difficult when it comes to perfume. And it’s especially thanks to the Discovery Set that she tells us about here, that she really had the opportunity to test our different fragrances in depth, over several days. She was able to refine her preferences to find the one she likes best.

A woody and marine fragrance

And her final choice was alõ‘s marine fragrance. With its citrusy top note, its shivering and watery heart and its woody wake, this perfume met all the criteria Amandine was looking for. Wearing it, she feels soothed and is happy to dream about the next vacation by the sea! This marine fragrance suits her so well that she no longer worries about her migraines! This is what we call a love at first sight… Or in any case, a truly beautiful discovery!

Do you like marine fragrances? Have you already tested alõ?

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