A marine fragrance for the beautiful Morgane

alõ is a marine fragrance that has captivated morgane's nose with its fresh and citrusy scent

This marine fragrance is a crush, a day on the beach, feet in the water, the sun on your shoulders …

Morgane from the blog Mor and Mor’s

It’s on the blog of the beautiful Morgane that we’re going to make a little perfumed tour today. This beautiful Parisian writes good mood posts on her digital diary, her little baby as she likes to call it. Beauty, ideas for outings, decorating tips, and many other discoveries are included in articles that are always a pleasure to read. Great lover of all kinds of scents, the pretty blogger has taken a look at our olfactory universe.

As smells are always better than words, Morgane first “met” our perfumes with the Discovery Set. This surprise pouch contains samples of our 13 eaux de parfum. She was thus able to test the entire Collection, quietly at home. During these few days of discovery, the battle to conquer the favors of her nose raged between alõ and ïōdé. Without too much doubt, we can clearly say it: Morgane has a crush on marine fragrances, these notes with the scent of a seaside vacation…

After a long hesitation, it is finally in favor of alõ that the scale tipped. At first, this perfume is fresh, thanks to its festive and citrusy notes. It then becomes very soothing with the presence of vetiver in the base note. It is undeniably a marine fragrance, with its invigorating heart where you will feel a touch of gin, ginger and pink berries. This is a fragrant program that will not leave Morgane… She is determined to wear her marine fragrance all summer long!

Have you ever smelled alõ? Do you like marine perfumes? There is still time to make great fragrance discoveries by testing our invigorating scents just here!

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