Alõ, a marine and fresh perfume for Adeline

The marine and fresh perfume of alõ has definitely won Adeline over for the summer!

Few fresh perfumes know how to be so complex, let alone have a real hold during the day while knowing how to give an impression of lightness.

Adeline, from the blog Forty Beauty

Today we’re going to Aix-en-Provence to meet the beautiful Adeline from the blog Forty Beauty. This sparkling teacher of Modern Literature is a true ambassador of her region. She loves discovering brands from the South of France, which generally smell of Provence and artisanal know-how. A perfume lover, Adeline doesn’t like to smell the same as everyone else… And that’s a good thing, because our fragrances don’t smell the same on every street corner! So we were made to find each other…

A fresh perfume for summer

What intrigued the pretty blogger at first was our talk of mixed fragrances. As we like to say, if you like a perfume, it’s made for you. And Adeline summed it up well: “perfume is not about gender, it’s about personality“. That’s how she and her husband fell in love with the eau de parfum alõ without even consulting each other (that’s love!). Thanks to a thorough test of our different scents through the Discovery Set, the beautiful woman from Aix-en-Provence was able to detect all the creativity and originality of our fragrances. But as the temperatures soared, Adeline’s nose demanded just one thing: a marine and fresh perfume. All the fragrant planets aligned to direct her to alõ, our festive seaside cocktail. This fresh perfume, with notes of citrus, spices and marine nuances, reveals all its complexity in a woody and thirst-quenching wake.

Do you like fresh perfumes? Do you know the eau de parfum alõ?

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