A rose perfume for Nina

a rose perfume agitates Nina's nose with the musky scent of the label rose

When I smell this rose perfume, the scent envelops me with freshness, sweet flowers and citrus.

Nina from the blog Nina Moslee

Since her childhood, the beautiful Nina has been bathed in the powdery scent of her mother’s beauty products. Olfactory memories that she has carefully kept in memory and that still guide her choices in terms of perfume today. Passionate about cosmetics and skincare of all kinds, the Reunionese woman decided a few years ago to create a blog with her daughter Lulu, to whom she in turn transmitted her enthusiasm for coquetry. On their digital diary, they share all their discoveries and finds, under the sun of their beloved island…

A rose perfume yes, but not only…

Always on the lookout for the unique fragrance that will best express her personality, the beautiful Nina first rubbed (her nose) against our Discovery Set. Thanks to this kit containing samples of all our eaux de parfum, she was able to choose her favorite scent by testing them all over several days. An ideal option for all those who wish to order their perfume on the Internet (and moreover it is refunded, yes yes!). It is finally on our rose perfume, the well named label rose, that the blogger fell in love. Its explosive citrus, its floral and refreshing heart of Damascena rose, peony and violet… As well as its woody and musky base note dust off the cliché of the old fashioned rose!

And it’s Nina who speaks the best. “When I wear this rose perfume, the notes blend with my sensual, feminine, soft, cuddly, romantic, warm, loving personality“. You will have understood, behind this rose perfume are hidden many nuances which will say a lot about you…

Do you like rose perfumes? Have you already tested the rose label eau de parfum?

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