An amber perfume with SO for the beautiful Pauline

the amber perfume of so has seduced the beautiful Pauline who gives us a picture of this sensual fragrance

Haunting, addictive and penetrating, I loved the first fresh notes that gradually turn into a spicy and amber perfume.

Pauline from the blog Milky Away

Just like us, the beautiful Pauline is “made in the South of France”! This young woman is passionate about fashion and beauty. On her blog, she likes to find products that are as authentic as they are atypical. She shares her crushes with her happy community of readers about them. Lover of stories and brands that make sense, our Carrément Belle adventure and the know-how that comes with it have succeeded in arousing her curiosity (but also and above all, her nose)!

Our first encounter with Pauline’s sense of smell was through the Discovery Set, which she tells us about here. Thanks to this surprise pouch, which contains samples of all our eaux de parfum, the pretty blogger was able to familiarize herself with our olfactory universe. While testing each fragrance step by step, Pauline found herself appreciating scents she would not have chosen in the first place… And it’s the sensual amber perfume of SO that won over her nose! At first, the fragrance has a citrusy start. Then we can smell a floral and spicy heart that gives way to a subtle amber perfume. This is a sunny and warm eau de parfum that Pauline will never want to leave!

Do you know our SO amber fragrance?

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