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scented candle

In all seasons, the scented candle is our best ally to create a cocooning atmosphere. By diffusing a comforting scent in your home sweet home, it will bring a soft warmth and a subdued light in your interior, while offering a beautiful decorative touch… A moment of relaxation guaranteed! Discover the different olfactory universes for the house proposed by Carrément Belle, and make your house a real haven of softness!

Why use a scented candle?

A candle as a home fragrance

People have been trying to make their homes more pleasant for almost as long as they can remember, especially with the help of perfume. In the Middle Ages, people were already stuffing cushions with aromatic herbs and potpourri were a real hit during the Renaissance (and discover more about the history of perfume in the Middle Ages and the use of fragrances during the Renaissance with our dedicated articles)! Today, there are many ways to scent your home: burning incense, using an essential oil diffuser, spraying a room mist… But lighting a scented candle remains one of our favorite ways to fill your living room with a delicate smell. The scented candle has become in a few years an essential of the home fragrance. Practical, aesthetic and concentrated, it is the ideal accessory to quickly create a soothing environment.

Decorative scented candle

While its olfactory power is greatly appreciated, the scented candle has also been given the title of a decorative object in its own right. With a pretty decorated glass jar, a scented candle can be admired even when it is not lit. It will then sit proudly on a shelf, a dressing table or an entrance console. To give it even more elegance and refinement, you can also protect it under a transparent glass cloche (our Swedish friend offers pretty models at affordable prices) or cover it with a hood. The trick? This will trap the subtle odor of the scented candle to maximize the intensity of its fragrance during combustion.

Once lit, the bewitching flame reveals a pleasant glow. This subdued light will perfect the atmosphere of a candlelit dinner… Or will slowly lull you into a well-deserved nap. You understood it, for a perfumed AND decorated interior, it is well on the candles which it is necessary to bet!

Which scented candle to choose ?

French and artisanal scented candles

At Carrément Belle, our scented candles are designed entirely by hand and made 100% in France.

The choice to offer you French and artisanal scented candles has always been an obvious one. It is certainly not the easiest one but it is what brings sense and a beautiful part of humanity to our products. Working with local partners with incomparable skills also allows us to offer you candles made in France, of great quality, modern and original at the same time.

Before filling your living room with perfume, our scented candles are the witnesses of a myriad of exceptional know-how. First, they are hand-poured by our wax makers whose workshop is located a few kilometers from Grasse. The wax is concentrated with essences made by Laurent, our historical perfumer from Grasse. The glass jars then pass through the hands of the silkscreen artist, who meticulously applies the decoration on each jar. To go behind the scenes, visit our article about the manufacturing process of our scented candles.

The advantages of our beautiful wax friends

If you like cosy atmospheres, our scented candles will light up all your rainy Sundays (and more if you like)! In addition to offering you a welcoming atmosphere, their wax is concentrated at more than 10% of perfume, that is more than the majority of the scented candles of the trade. Thanks to this intensity, they will quickly fill the room with a powerful and long-lasting scent, which will not be heady for all that. Their wick in braided cotton also guarantees you an optimal quality of lighting and durability.

And did you know that even when cold, scented candles subtly diffuse their fragrances? With their 180 grams, they promise you no less than 45 hours of burning olfactory happiness. Finally, our decorative scented candles are designed as durable objects. It is very easy to give them a second life once the last drop of wax has melted. Makeup brush jar, candle jar, cactus stand… Discover how to recycle your candle easily.

Where to find an original scented candle?

Inspired by your favorite eaux de parfum, we decided to imprison these timeless scents in beautiful candles. Let yourself be tempted by our olfactory creations, through four original and modern scented candles… That you won’t find in everyone’s home!

SO, the amber scented candle

If like originality, take a look at the scented candle SO! This enchanting olfactory creation is based on a blend of sensual ambergris, warm spices, sunny citrus and delicate flowers. A sweet anthology of bright and charming ingredients, like an invitation to travel. The SO scented candle is ideal for a romantic evening or a meditation session after a long day at work.

The exquisite vanilla candle

If you are more of a gourmand, the scented candle vanille will delight your nostrils as much as your taste buds. Comforting as can be, it reminds us of the regressive smell of a cake coming out of the oven. The relaxing power of vanilla combines with the sweetness of almonds and caramel, before subtly warming up with notes of spices and tobacco. Vanille is THE gourmand candle you need to spend the fall and winter in warmth!

An “ippi” candle with patchouli

For lovers of woody scents, there is nothing like a patchouli scented candle. With its earthy, resinous undertones, ippi patchouli will make you feel cozy, while taking your nose back to the seventies. Its raw and oriental scent is a home version of our very first eau de parfum, your favorite for over 30 years…

Ïōdé, the marine scented candle

Our latest creation takes you into a whole new olfactory realm. Ïōdé a marine scented candle, spreads off intense and refreshing shades. When the flame begins to melt the wax your heart, you first smell an aquatic surge, dotted with a green and fresh start. Then, it is a warmer and amber perfume that will envelop your interior. A candle to burn in any season, to always have the sea at your nose !

To extend the life of your candle and enjoy it as long as possible, there’s nothing complicated about it, we promise. We give you some tips on how to properly maintain your scented candle.

Offer a scented candle

A beautiful and inspired idea

Of the many ways to use a wax friend, one of the most often mentioned is simply to give it as a gift. For a special occasion, a housewarming or just for fun, giving a candle is always a good idea. If giving a skin scent seems less obvious or too personal (although it’s a no-brainer, we’ll explain why here), it may be easier to go for a candle. More than a simple glass jar, you offer a beautiful object of decoration and future moments of well-being! It is also a timeless gift, unisex and personalized at the same time. Among our collection, there is bound to be a home fragrances that will fit the personality of the lucky recipient of your inspired gift.

Choose a gift set with a scented candle

You can go even further and opt for a set that contains a scented candle. The gift will be even more beautiful! To do this, no headaches: we offer on our online shop ready-made scented sets, at low prices and already wrapped in their colorful wrapping paper. Discover L’Amoureuse, a set that honors a fragrance in all its variations: 1 eau de parfum in 100ml format, a case of incense to burn and a scented candle… That’s enough to enjoy your favorite smell, from your wrists to your sofa! Finally, La Pantouflarde will delight home fragrance addicts. We slip in a scented candle alongside 3 cases of incense to burn. All you have to do is curl up under a soft blanket and enjoy these moments of olfactory sweetness!

Which of our scented candles would you like to burn in your home?

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