Vanessa’s Indian summer with ïōdé perfume

iode perfume review

The perfume ïōdé is very fresh, you can really smell and feel the marine side.

Vanessa from the blog L’univers Beauté de Vanessa

The beautiful Vanessa is passionate about all kinds of cosmetics. After discovering and testing many products, from skincare to makeup, she decided to share her beauty experiences on her blog. Since 2013, the young woman has been sharing her favorites with her community of readers, who are just as enthusiastic! And like any self-respecting beauty fan, Vanessa is also addicted to perfumes, which she likes to discover and vary throughout the year…

The ïōdé perfume to prolong summer

In her quest for novelty, the beautiful blogger crossed our olfactory path. First, Vanessa was able to dip her nose into our eaux de parfum to find the fragrance she liked the most. How did she do that? Thanks to the Discovery Set! This small box (with great smells) contains samples of all the scents in our eau de parfum collection. After diligent and meticulous testing, it was finally the perfume ïōdé that won out. Vanessa was seduced by the freshness of this fragrance. This essence carries her away and envelops her in its resolutely marine and floral wake thanks to the jasmine. But ïōdé is a surprising fragrance that is not just about an aquatic scent. In fact, it contains an even deeper base thanks to woody notes and amber nuances, very sensual.

Perfect for enjoying the Indian summer, the eau de parfum ïōdé can also be worn all year round… To take your nostrils on a journey to the open sea, even when autumn is just around the corner! Besides, are you like Vanessa, wearing fresh and marine fragrances all year round? Or do you prefer to save them for spring and summer?

Have you ever smelled our perfume ïōdé?

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