Unisex eau de parfum for the beautiful Eva

alfred kafé, unisex eau de parfum

For me the brand rivals the biggest names in perfumery in terms of scent […] It is a 100% success!

Eva from the blog Girls n’Nantes

The beautiful Eva is a Nantes native who is passionate about sharing and writing blog articles. On her digital diary, Girls n’Nantes, she likes to reveal her rock and offbeat universe, between musical and beauty discoveries. Always on a futile and light tone as she likes to say, Eva transmits her discoveries in all transparency. Great lover of perfumes, the pretty blogger has decided to bend her nose more closely on our creations…

Eva owns and wears many fragrances! A fan of luxury perfumes, the woman from Nantes likes different juices, with a strong and marked olfactory imprint. It was during a meeting with our Discovery Set that the young woman fell for it. First of all for the subtle but deep gourmandise of vanille, a fragrance “out of the ordinary” according to her words. Surprised, Eva was able to see that buying a high quality perfume made in France was not necessarily synonymous with exorbitant prices!

Alfred kafé: unisex eau de parfum to share

Then, it was alfred kafé that conquered her nostrils. A masculine fragrance at first, the young woman quickly made it her own as a true unisex eau de parfum. With its contrast of lavender, coffee and aromatic and fresh notes, this scent like no other seduced Eva from the first time she smelled it! “It’s a fragrance that is singular and brings me many compliments!” One thing is sure: between Eva and Alfred (kafé), here is a beautiful perfumed love story that begins…

Did you know this mixed eau de parfum?

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