Gift idea: a perfume set at the foot of the Christmas tree!

perfume set

As the holidays approach, the usual headache of gift lists is making a comeback! So how to find beautiful and original gifts to spoil your friends and family, while avoiding false notes? Our best tip is still to bet on perfume set! For all skins and tastes, these all-in-one surprises will certainly find favor with the noses of those you love. We present to you our inspired selection of perfumed boxes.

Why offer a box of perfume ?

The gift of all circumstances

For Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or Mother’s Day, the perfume set is a safe bet to offer or to please yourself. Whatever the occasion, the great moments of life or the calendar, it is an original and elegant gift idea. If giving a fragrance is always synonymous with special attention, the perfume box sets the bar even higher in terms of emotions and surprise. Another advantage: it suits all noses! For men or women, teenagers or older recipients, the perfume set remains a must-have that hits the spot every time. Usually beautifully packaged, this inspired set is enough to make the eyes sparkle before tickling the nose.

The perfume set: a successful format

The perfume box is also very interesting to make discover new olfactory gems to your loved ones. It is the opportunity to dive nose first into the world of a perfume house, and to know all the formats offered or almost! If you already know your better half’s favorite scent by heart, the perfume set is also a good choice! It will be the opportunity to make her enjoy her favorite scent through different derivative products. Thanks to this gift idea at a lower price, you will be able to introduce new formats, different concentrations, or even perfumes for the home.

Our perfume sets for him and her

Now that you are sure you want to offer a fragrance box, it’s time to find the perfect combination that will please her. Discover our 6 perfume sets, assimilated to 6 personalities to find the one that will fit yours the most! For men, for women or for the home, our made in France perfume boxes are packed in their colorful wrappers and are waiting for you!

patchouli addict includes our 3 creations built around patchouli: kilim, ippi patchouli and ippi patchouli clair

A box of patchouli perfumes

To all fans of the iconic and unique scent of patchouli, here is a box made for you! The Patchouli Addict is an olfactory set made up of our three fragrances built around this Indonesian plant with a woody and resinous scent. First, it is the timeless ippi patchouli that takes place. Its bohemian and raw wake will leave on the skin an impression of warmth and travel in time… Then, find its descendant: ippi patchouli clair. Still woody and earthy, it is even more sunny and citrusy, with a touch of sweet gourmandise thanks to the praline. Finally, continue the journey to the East, guided by the spicy, floral and fruity notes of kilim.

la collectionneuse includes two eaux de parfum in 50 and 100ml as well as a pure perfume to enjoy your favourite fragrance even more

La Collectionneuse: gift idea for perfume addicts

If you already know that he/she has a special appreciation for a particular scent, La Collectionneuse is a great option to consider. This perfume box contains 3 precious essences, one for each occasion! You will find first eau de parfum, with a 50ml and a 100ml bottle. This ideal daytime formula can accompany you on all your daily adventures, with one format for home and the other to take everywhere! The box is completed with a pure perfume. This precious case still reveals the same scent, but in a version even more concentrated in raw materials and therefore more intense. A precious wake to spray for special moments!

Christmas gift idea: the scented set La Rêveuse and its eau de parfum with incense to burn

La Rêveuse: the nose in the clouds

What if you opted for a skin AND home fragrance box? La Rêveuse mixes uses to offer a complete and original sensory experience! The eau de parfum envelops the skin while the incense distills its scent in your living room. With its 3 colorful and fragrant cases, lined with a large format eau de parfum, this box will take you to a bewitching and relaxing nap! More than a simple gift, La Rêveuse invites dreamy noses to enjoy a moment of sweetness.

Le Bel Homme contains a scented notebook, an eau de parfum and incense sticks

A perfume box for men… but not only!

La Baigneuse has also thought of these gentlemen with a box specially designed for them. Le Bel Homme is an inveterate charmer who plays with all his perfumed assets! He reveals himself in a tender way through a perfume to be smelled at the hollow of the neck thanks to the eau de parfum, and in his living room with incense. A scented notebook completes the set, waiting to be filled with sweet and inspiring words! This perfume set for men is available with the most masculine of our fragrances, alfred kafé. It also comes with other scents, such as musc, SO or ïōdé.

L'Amoureuse is a scented set that unveils a fragrance in all its forms: incense, candle and eau de parfum

L’Amoureuse, passionate about fragrances

Passionate, L’Amoureuse never leaves her favorite fragrance. On her skin and in her living room, she wraps herself in the scents she loves so much… Without moderation! This scented set contains 1 eau de parfum 100ml, 1 scented candle and 1 incense case. This box is available with ippi patchouli, so, vanille and ïōdé.

A home fragrance set

La Pantouflarde scented set with scented candle and incense to burn

La Pantouflarde

If you are afraid of making a mistake by giving a gift that is too personal with a fragrance, turn to the home fragrance box! We assure you, La Pantouflarde is an olfactory bargain to please. This set includes a scented candle that burns for 45 hours, as well as 3 incense cases to burn with the same fragrance. With La Pantouflarde, invite laziness to stroll to the rhythm of your beloved notes on the sofa… This set is available with the scents ippi patchouli, SO, ïōdé and vanille.

How to find the right perfume box?

Now that you know them all, you just have to choose the perfume box that will best suit your desires and your personality. If you’re not quite sure, don’t panic, we’re here to help you! Don’t hesitate to ask us all your questions on our online chat. We are always ready to help you choose this special gift. And if you need to get a smell for the product before you start, treat yourself to a Discovery Set first. This little box contains samples of all our eaux de parfum… So you can test everything before choosing which fragrance will make your nose pop!

Which perfume set do you want the most? Which one would you like to see bloom at the foot of the Christmas tree this year? We’re curious, tell us all about it!

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