Aurélie and the sweetness of a musky fragrance

musky fragrance carrément belle

As soon as this musky fragrance comes into contact with my skin, I feel the sensual side explode…

Aurélie from the blog Le Carnet d’Aurélie

Our olfactory journey takes us today to the lands of Bordeaux to meet Aurélie, a beautiful mother blogger. Passionate about makeup and skincare of all kinds, and pushed by her beloved, the beautiful Aurélie embarked on the adventure of blogging a few months ago. On her digital notebook, she shares with transparency and honesty her opinion on her latest discoveries. In all simplicity, she welcomes us in her universe made of beauty, travels and good ideas!

Aurélie has loved wearing perfume since almost forever. She knows at the tip of her nose the scents and materials that best suit her skin. A fan of warm and powdery scents, she was quick to fall under the spell of our musky fragrance…

Musky fragrance : between tenderness and sensuality

After a meticulous test filled with surprises thanks to the Discovery Set, the coquettish blogger set her sights on musc. This musky fragrance contains a multi-faceted juice. First, it is fresh and fruity with a shivering start where melon tickles the skin. Then, it is a heart of white and light flowers which comes to settle gently on the epidermis. Finally, this musky fragrance becomes much more animal and sensual thanks to the white musks which come to wrap the whole. This discreet but bewitching perfume has conquered Aurélie’s nostrils, who is not about to let go of her new favorite fragrance!

Do you like musk fragrance? Have you ever smelled our eau de parfum musc?

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