The interior perfume with amber: candle and sunny incense

amber candle

Ambergris is a timeless scent that has definitely conquered the skins and noses with its characteristic wake. But its traveling scent did not stop there! Whether it’s an amber candle or warm incense sticks, this very special odor has also found its way into home fragrances. Indeed, its sensual nuances have been diffused in homes, temples and churches for thousands of years.

Amber: a timeless fragrance

The origins of amber

Ambergris is a precious and mysterious ingredient used in perfumery for centuries. This natural, rare and expensive element is obtained in an astonishing way since it comes from… a species of whale, and more particularly from adult male sperm whales! It is formed from the accumulation of foreign matter in their intestine, such as pieces of octopus or cuttlefish. These are unable to be digested by the animal. When these materials accumulate, they are covered with a waxy substance called stercobilin. This substance solidifies and is eventually expelled from the animal as a floating mass.

With the liking of the waves, the wind and the sun, these masses take on silvery shades. They finally wash up and are often recovered on beaches in various parts of the world, including along the Atlantic coast of Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean. Ambergris is rare and hard to find, which explains its high price in perfumery. To learn more about the history and origins of ambergris in perfumery, please see our dedicated article.

The use of ambergris in perfumery

Ambergris has been used in perfumery since antiquity. The Egyptians already used this ingredient in their fragrance compositions for its sweet and soft scent. The Romans used it to embalm the house, including their sheets and clothes. In the Middle Ages, ambergris became a real medicine that is worn around the neck in an amber apple. According to the beliefs of the time, it can treat various ailments such as headaches and convulsions. This ingredient is also prized by the clergy, to perfume the churches and places of worship.

Today, ambergris is an important component in the luxury perfume industry. It is used as a base note in many fragrances to bring a unique depth and warmth to the composition. Due to its rarity and high cost, ambergris is often replaced by synthetic alternatives in perfumery. But formulas containing real ambergris are still highly sought after.

Amber candle and warm incense: the home fragrance warms up

Olfactory properties

Amber is a classic and timeless scent that has been used for centuries in skin fragrances… But also in candles and incense to create a new sensory experience. It is often described as a warm, woody, sweet and sensual smell. Amber, in candles and incense, can create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. Its scent is often used to aid meditation and relaxation.

Amber’s warm, sweet note can help reduce stress and anxiety. This makes it a popular choice for candles and home fragrances in spa salons and wellness centers. In addition, amber can help stimulate creativity and concentration. For this reason, amber is often found scenting home office spaces or creative studios. In addition, amber home fragrance can help mask unpleasant odors in your home. If you have pets or often cook with strong spices, amber home fragrances can help eliminate unpleasant odors.

The note of amber: candle and incense bewitching

When it comes to home fragrance, amber is often equated with a blend of different ingredients, rather than a full-blown ambergris absolute. Noses may opt for a blend of different essential oils to create what is called an amber note. They then assemble benzoin, labdanum, vanilla and sandalwood. Together, these ingredients create a warm, sweet and slightly woody scent that is reminiscent of the sweetness of vanilla and the warmth of the sun. Amber-based home fragrances can vary in intensity and complexity. Some may have a sweeter, vanilla-like scent, while others may be more woody and musky. However, most amber-based home fragrances have a smell that is described as warm, rich and sophisticated.

The interior perfume with amber, by Carrément Belle

At Carrément Belle, we have always been fascinated by all the mysterious and captivating nuances of ambergris. That’s why we decided to bring the spicy and sunny scent of our perfume to SO skin. So you can explore all the dimensions of amber in two formulations for the home… to enjoy its enchanting scent in every way!

amber scented candle

Amber candle : the shades of SO

In the scented candle so, a thousand and one shades of amber reveal their sensual notes to melt on a warm and bewitching bed… Here, the scent of amber rubs shoulders with spices like tonka bean, geranium and citrus notes. This wake releases a soft sunny warmth that will envelop your home with a relaxing and powerful fragrance, for a guaranteed relaxation session! This is an olfactory program not to be missed…

incense so

Amber incense, charming smoke

The scent of amber also goes up in smoke thanks to the SO burning incense. In these hand-impregnated sticks, citrus notes mingle with a floral heart, then enhanced by the full depth of spicy tonka. You will also feel the power of patchouli, vanilla and musk that reveal the intensity and sensuality of ambergris. This amber incense will accompany you just as well during a movie screening in the warmth of the sofa as for a yoga session at home!

Amber candle or sensual incense, what is your favorite way to enjoy the scent of amber at home?

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