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At Carrément Belle we offer you feminine fragrances… But also men’s perfume! While our name could make you say the opposite, we also like to dress the skins of these gentlemen, thirsty for fresh and original scents that you don’t smell at every corner! But how to choose the perfect fragrance for him? Where to find cheap AND quality men’s perfume? We give you all our tips…

Men’s perfume at Carrément Belle?

What is finally a perfume for men?

As we often say, perfume has neither gender nor sex. What makes a perfume for women or a fragrance for men is in fact all the marketing around it. This distinction allows our standardized noses to be able to orient their choices among an increasingly important offer. Generally speaking, men’s perfume is coded by fresh ingredients, aromatic and spicy notes, and woody tones. It refers to the world of sports or hygiene with scents reminiscent of shaving products. Moreover, these smells are strongly linked to the appearance of men’s perfumery, which is actually quite late.

Universal notes

In fact, no ingredient is gendered by nature. That’s why we decided to work with raw materials, natural and synthetic, that we consider universal. A powerful patchouli, refreshing marine notes, bewitching amber or a sensual and powdery musk… So don’t hesitate any longer, test and choose the perfume for men or for women that will really tickle your nose! And if you are still not sure, you can also go for a unisex perfume, so you won’t commit any false note.

Perfume for men… worn by women

But is perfume for men really only for gentlemen? Well no, not necessarily! Now, more and more women are wearing men’s fragrances. Are you dizzy? We’ll explain! Whether it’s a fashion statement or a lasting trend, women are enjoying stealing their partner’s perfume or buying fragrances from the next aisle. This new perfume practice allows them to respond to a quest for originality, to get off the beaten track or simply to wear shades they can’t find in the feminine offer. And you ladies, are you a fan of men’s perfume?

Which men’s perfume to choose?

As a gift for your beloved nose or for yourself, here are our favorite fragrances for men:

the eau de parfum alfred kafé highlights coffee and lavender

The most masculine of our perfumes: alfred kafé

With a caffeinated start that is sure to arouse your senses, Alfred kafé plays a balancing act by revealing a green and lavender heart that evokes fields of Provencal lavender to your nose… A full-bodied and soothing wake that intensifies over the hours in a woody and languorous fragrance. Alfred kafé is the first men’s composition created by Carrément Belle. Over the years, many have offered it to their better half, and finally worn it in unison!

the spicy notes are predominant in 555 thanks to pepper, cinnamon and cloves

555, women and men’s perfume

Both tender and virile, 555 is a fragrant mystery in itself! Its citrusy top notes and iridescent middle notes bring sweetness. Then, the white pepper stings the formula with a rather fusing and spicy impulse. This olfactory encounter blends into a warm and sensual harmony, thanks to the presence of an amber incense heart with smoky and powdery notes. Bewitching!

pink berries bring a real olfactory boost and a spicy facet to alo

Alõ, the fresh and marine fragrance for men

With alõ, you’ll dive into the big bath of unisex perfume! Its marine and citrus wake will thrill all skin types in search of freshness. This bewitching formula mixes the pep of a marine accord and citrus notes, with the power of spices and gin, in a festive cocktail, to finally fade into a warm and soothing background thanks to vetiver.

The eau de parfum musc is fresh and fruity, an intimate and enveloping fragrance

Musc, sensual and wild

Looking for a musky fragrance for men? The eau de parfum musc can be applied to all skin types. White musk has a unique scent reminiscent of skin, with its animalic quality and a touch of powdery sweetness. Combined with the freshness of floral and fruity notes, this composition diffuses a sensual and wild scent, with an amber background. A real olfactory program for him not to be missed!

And for the most daring…

For men with curious and daring noses, some of our scents could be just the thing to titillate your skin. Ippi patchouli will delight a generation nostalgic for the flower power years, when the essence of this Indonesian flower scented all skin without exception. You will discover raw, resinous and earthy nuances. On the marine side, let yourself be seduced by the floral and marine freshness of ïōdé. This rather feminine fragrance at the base, is dressed in the background of woody notes that finally make it universal and very sensual. Finally, lovers of oriental and citrus fragrances will certainly fall under the spell of SO! Its citrusy, floral and spicy nuances are sunny and joyful.

A perfume set for men

Le Bel Homme contains a scented notebook, an eau de parfum and incense sticks

For a special occasion or simply to please yourself, you can count on our men’s perfume box. Le Bel Homme plays the seducer to charm your nostrils with its most beautiful fragrant notes. It unveils a 50ml bottle of eau de parfum to take everywhere. It can also be inhaled at home thanks to its 2 incense stick cases. A final surprise awaits you: a scented notebook whose pages diffuse a subtle woody fragrance, to be filled with sweet and inspiring words!

What do you think is the best perfume for men?

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