Choosing a perfume: does the age matter?


Choosing your fragrance to match your age is a personal decision that can be influenced by many factors. It’s common to think that our perfume should evolve with us over the years, so should you choose your fragrance according to your age? Are certain juices designed to be worn only by “young people”? In this article, we’re going to look at the relationship between age and the right choice of fragrance, exploring some of the myths and providing you with some advice on how to choose your fragrance.

“You can’t wear that perfume at your age!”

Preconceived ideas about the choice of fragrance according to age are hard to resist. Some people believe that young people should wear light, gourmand scents, while ‘older’ people should opt for heavier, more sophisticated juices.

The perfume over the age

It’s no secret that personal tastes and olfactory preferences evolve over time, but that doesn’t mean we have to change our perfume accordingly. Perfume is a form of personal expression and the choice should be based on our tastes, not our age. We’re all very different, and that’s the beauty of this world. Our uniqueness is our signature.

Our advice

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, the most important thing is that it suits your personality, whatever your age. Choosing a perfume based on your age is not one of the first things to consider. For example, it seems essential to take your lifestyle, tastes and seasonality into the equation.

Know your personality

Before choosing a fragrance, it’s important to understand your own personality. Are you audacious? Adventurous? Romantic? Mystical? Take into account the image you want to communicate. Fragrance acts like a mirror of the soul, leaving an unforgettable impression of you. Whether you’re 15 or 65, your perfume should express your character.

Identify your olfactory preferences

Everyone has different olfactory preferences. Some people like light, floral accords, while others prefer sweet, gourmand notes. Identify the olfactory families that appeal to you most, such as citrus fruits, flowers, woods, spices, etc. This will help you refine your search.

Perfume and age, it’s up to you!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the most important thing is that your scent reflects you. You can opt for a marine fragrance for the summer months, or choose a woody or oriental one to warm your nose in winter. Who are we to judge? The age divide is in fact a false argument. It reminds us of a similar debate over whether fragrances should be reserved for men rather than women (and the opposite). Don’t forget that perfume is unisex by nature! The ingredients are neither feminine or masculine, and the ‘gendering’ of perfumes is a very Western concept. Take the example of our label rose fragrance, which is considered particularly feminine in Europe, whereas our male customers wear it in the Middle East! It’s all a question of olfactory culture and taste.

Perfume as a memory, an emotion

Perfume has a unique power: to capture memories. It instantly transports us to past moments, awakening buried emotions and rekindling precious memories. A deep emotional bond is forged with people, places or experiences. So the association of a scent, a flower or an ingredient can instantly bring back memories and evoke a feeling of nostalgia. So you can choose to wear the fragrance you wore in your twenties as you grow into adulthood. There are no rules!

Evolution of preferences rather than age

The question of age seems like a quick shortcut. It’s no secret that our tastes evolve over the years, and the same goes for our olfactory preferences. Our tastes can change depending on our experiences, our environment and our personal development. This evolution should not be determined by age, but rather by our own personal growth.

Remember that choosing a fragrance is a personal and subjective decision. The advice in this article is not intended as a guideline. The most important thing is to choose a fragrance you like!


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