Which perfume for men?


Which perfume for men do you have? Here is a question that often comes up when you contact us in search of a fragrance for men! The choice is huge, but it’s sometimes hard to take the plunge if you consider that a manly perfume must meet very specific criteria. Between spicy, leathery, woody, oriental and fresh notes, the possibilities are endless.

In this article, we will be revealing a few tips to help men in search of inspiration. But we will also try to guide women who want to please their loved ones or find a more masculine fragrance for themselves. Last but not least, we will try to explain why perfume is unisex by nature, and why codes aren’t important after all…

Perfume for men: what do they want?

If we were to draw up a list of the most prized olfactory characteristics of eau de parfum for men, we would certainly find the following notes…

The beloved woody notes

Woody fragrances are timeless and very popular with men. These scents evoke notes of cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli. They offer a touch of sophistication and “virility”, perfect for formal events. You will find these notes in our fragrances alfred kafé or ippi patchouli for instance.

Spices shake up perfume for men

For lovers of bold fragrances, spicy eaux de parfum are an excellent choice. They blend notes of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, for example, to create bewitching, seductive fragrances. These fragrances are perfect for evenings out or special occasions, when you want to leave a lasting impression. Such is the case with our perfumes kilim or 555.

Fresh notes are always welcome

Fresh eaux de toilette are ideal for hot days or everyday use. They are full of citrus, marine and herbaceous notes that leave you feeling clean and light. These fragrances are perfect for active, sporty men, as well as for casual summer days. You will enjoy these notes with alõ and ïõdé.

Oriental fragrances for men

Oriental fragrances are warm, rich and bewitching, combining notes of vanille, amber, musc and precious woods. They exude a mysterious, sensual aura, perfect for romantic evenings or special occasions when you want to attract attention or make a personality statement. If you like oriental scents, give a try to so for exemple.

Leathery fragrances

In the collective mind, leathery facets often suggest elegance and virility. Fragrances featuring these “robust” accords convey the image of a modern, charismatic gentleman thanks to a subtle blend of strength and softness, creating an aura of self-assurance and attention-grabbing mystery.

But don’t let these olfactory families – the most popular with men – dictate your choice! Are you a man who likes floral fragrances? We like your style…

Men’s fragrance is good, unisex fragrance is better!

Blind test your fragrances

Since we began our Carrément Belle adventure in 1988, we have been lucky enough to perfume thousands of women and men all over the world! And thanks to our exchanges with you, we have long since challenged our preconceptions. Because olfactory cultures differ from one country to another, and our Western codes, induced by stereotypes imposed by marketing campaigns, are not true for everyone.

Why should a man’s fragrance only be woody or leathery? Why should floral fragrances be reserved for women? Ingredients have no gender, and roses, for example, are worn magnificently by men in the Middle East. In Europe? We are working on it, but we have still got a long way to go!

Our advice: always test perfumes blind, without worrying about the packaging, the name or the sales pitch. What counts is the alchemy that develops between you and your fragrance. Love it? Adopt it! It’s as simple as that…

To sum up…

Choosing a perfume for men depends on your personality, your tastes and your olfactory culture. In the West, men are often less fond of gourmand or floral fragrances. At Carrément Belle, we don’t like to put ingredients in a case and give a gender to our fragrances. For us, ingredients are unisex. This tendency to segment men’s and women’s fragrances narrows the field of possibilities and could lead you to miss out on some great discoveries.

Whether you are looking for a fragrance for everyday use, for a special evening or to set yourself apart, the best language is that of the skin. Let the notes reveal their greatest secret, and trust yourself!


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