Citrus fragrances: sunny citrus cocktail


Citrus fragrances can be addictive and we are sure you have scented these fragrances before. Citrus has many strengths, bringing a bright, sparkling touch to perfume compositions. In this article, we will find out why citrus notes have such a prominent place in the world of perfume.

Citrus fragrances: who are they and where do they come from?

What are Hesperidia or Citrus fragrances?

Citrus notes refer to a family of aromas used in perfumery that are derived from citrus fruits such as lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin and grapefruit. These notes bring an incomparable freshness and liveliness to many fragrances.

A short history…

The term “Hesperidia” has its origins in Greek mythology, more specifically in the legend of the Garden of the Hesperides. According to the story, the Hesperides were nymphs who guarded a garden containing trees that produced golden fruit, notably citrus. The term “Hesperidia” refers to notes reminiscent of these golden citrus fruits and their legendary aura.

On the production side, citrus notes are obtained from the fruit peel. They can be extracted either by cold expression, where the rind is pressed to extract the essential oil, or by steam distillation, where the peel is heated to obtain an essence. Impressive, isn’t it?

A few refreshing citrus notes

Lemon is one of perfumery’s most emblematic citrus fruits. Often acidic, it brings vivacity to fragrance formulas. Among our fragrances, 555 starts for instance with lemony and peppery scent, which paves the way to a mysterious hear of incense and iris powder…

Bergamot looks like a small orange with a yellow or even green skin. Its distinctive feature is that it is sweet, fruity and slightly floral. Bergamot adds a sparkling note, often associated with classic, elegant fragrances. You can enjoy it in our oriental perfume kilim.

Sweet or bitter, the juicy, sweet aroma of orange evokes a sensation of freshness. Orange notes add a sunny, luminous touch that is also found in our perfume made of amber so.

Smaller and softer than orange, the mandarin is also sweeter and tangier than its cousin. It provides a joyful, energizing sensation that you can enjoy in the solar ippi patchouli clair.

Finally, grapefruit is a citrus fruit known for its lively aroma and the bitterness that makes it so distinctive.

Characteristics of Hesperidia or citrus fragrances

Here’s a description of the typical sensations associated with citrus notes:

Freshness: associated with summery, sunny moments, evoking a refreshing breeze at the seaside with your feet in the water, or a frosty chill.

Acidity: can vary in intensity, from a subtly tart citrus zest to a lively, zesty explosion that never fails to surprise!

Invigorating: bright, sparkling aromas create an impression of energy and optimism. These notes add a touch of dynamism and awakening to fragrant compositions, evoking moments of vitality and lightness.

Free and volatile scents

Citrus notes are characterized by their volatility. In simple terms, this means they have a rapid fading tendency once applied to the skin. As a result, they are mainly used in the top notes of perfumes.

In other words, the top note is the first olfactory impression you get after spraying a fragrance. It is often fresh, lively and ephemeral. Citrus notes are ideal for this initial phase, as their volatility creates a refreshing, energizing opening that immediately captures attention.

Citrus facets tend to fade more quickly than other olfactory notes. They then give way to the fragrance’s heart and base notes, which evolve and develop on the skin over time.

The benefits of citrus fragrances

These fragrances have an invigorating effect on mood and energy thanks to their fresh, invigorating aromas. Here’s how these notes can positively influence our state of mind:

Natural stimulant: lemon, bergamot and orange have stimulating properties on the nervous system. Their sparkling, tangy accords can improve concentration. So when you breathe in these notes, they can give you a boost of energy and help you feel more alert. Isn’t that nice?

Refreshing effect: the bright, lively trails of citrus bring a feeling of freshness that can help alleviate fatigue and revitalize the mind. When you wear a fragrance with citrus notes, you will instantly feel a sense of well-being and lightness that can help recharge your energy. Our fragrance alõ is a perfect example!

Well-being: it’s often said that happiness is cultivated and nourished. Thanks to their bright, sparkling facets, citrus notes can evoke happy memories and create a joyful atmosphere. In short, it’s like an emotional trigger, helping you to feel happier and more energetic.

Their association with summer and sunny atmospheres

These scents evoke summery, sunny moods. Their fresh, lively, fruity aromas evoke the freshness of summer, the vitality of hot days and escape to tropical destinations. Wearing this type of fragrance, you can feel yourself mentally transported to vacation memories.

As you can see, citrus notes are everywhere, and we are not about to deny ourselves the pleasure! If you had to test one of our fragrances, which would it be?


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