Choosing the right perfume in autumn


Summer already seems a long way off, leaving behind the light, fresh aromas that characterised the season. As the sunny days give way to the warm colours of autumn, it’s time to reconsider our olfactory preferences for the season. It is the perfect time to find THE autumn perfume that will keep you glowing until spring…

Autumn perfumes

Autumn is a rich season, marked by the colours of ochre landscapes, cooler temperatures and a special atmosphere. As well as spices, woods and earthy notes, autumn is also characterised by the presence of specific fruity scents such as fig and pear.


Spices are a major component of autumn fragrances. From notes of warm cinnamon to exotic cardamom and cloves: these ingredients bring a touch of comfort to the olfactory composition. The spices evoke the atmosphere of the markets and create a feeling of warmth. It’s a gentle way to ease into the cooler temperatures that are drawing us closer to winter…

Woody notes

Woody scents, such as cedar, sandalwood and patchouli, evoke the rusticity of autumn. They capture the essence of colour-changing forests and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. These smells give the fragrances a depth and resilience that evoke the quiet strength of the season.

The moss note is generally associated with the greenery of forests, and can evoke memories of autumn walks. This scent adds a natural freshness to the fragrance while giving it depth and complexity. A feeling of calm and serenity.

Gourmet fragrances ahead

Gourmet fragrances evoke memories of freshly baked pastries or sweet desserts. Notes of vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and chocolate create an irresistible, comforting atmosphere. An instant trip to festivities like Thanksgiving or Halloween!

Rich floral notes

Floral scents such as rose, jasmine and lily can be richer in autumn when combined with deeper notes such as amber, musc or leather. This creates a balance between the lightness of the flowers and the warmth of the season.

Musk in its wild dimension

What could be more natural than wearing musk at this time of year? Its wild scent keeps your nose warm in a cooler season. With its gentle accords, it is a second skin you ca not live without. A good excuse to brighten up the season, when the weather turns grey and the days get shorter.

Fruit, yes, but not just any fruit

In autumn, fruity notes such as fig and pear add a sweet, juicy dimension to the fragrances. Figs add woody, green nuances that evoke the warmth of summer. The fruit reminds of roundness and softness. The pear, meanwhile, offers a subtle, crisp freshness that evokes the autumn harvest.

Something to remember…

If you want to change your fragrance for the new season, try it out before you decide! It is essential to test a fragrance because it can react differently from one skin to another. Wear it for a few hours to see how it develops on your skin and clothes. Do not hesitate to choose a fragrance that evokes memories or personal emotions linked to autumn, to deepen the olfactory journey.

And what about us?

We create mixed perfumes that you can wear all year round, or change according to your mood or the seasons!

So if you like woody fragrances, you might fall in love with goud or ippi patchouli. If spicy notes make your nose tingle, you will love kilim or the mysterious 555. If you prefer gourmand notes, you should try vanille, and if floral notes are your thing, label rose is for you. Finally, if you love more confidential scents, give musc a try. In the end, the simplest thing to do is to let your skin do the talking, and then let your feelings do the rest…

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