Patchouli, a unisex fragrance

patchouli unisex fragrance

Like all ingredients, patchouli has by nature a unisex fragrance. But in the West, fragrances have long been categorised according to gender, with creations created for men or for women. Fortunately, the industry and mindsets are changing. These traditional norms are being challenged, defining new olfactory horizons. At the heart of this revolution is patchouli essence, which occupies a special place in the noses of its loyal followers.

This article is an invitation to explore the fascinating world of patchouli, an ingredient that transcends stereotypes and awakens the senses in unexpected ways. Forget the traditional boundaries imposed by masculine and feminine genders. Patchouli represents the very essence of unisex fragrance.

History of Patchouli

The origin of the patchouli plant

Native to the tropical regions of South-East Asia, patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) is an aromatic plant that has been cultivated for centuries. Its name derives from the Tamil word “patchai”, meaning green, and “ellai”, meaning leaf. The plant thrives in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, where its leaves were used to protect fabrics and repel insects.

How patchouli seduced perfumers…

The history of patchouli in perfumery goes back several centuries, to when Arab and European merchants began trading with Asia. Patchouli leaves were used to wrap precious fabrics, carpets and other goods destined for export. The packaging ensured that imported products were infused with the rich, addictive aroma of patchouli.

This fragrance intrigued and reached the noses of perfumers. It was in the 19th century that patchouli became truly famous in Europe: introduced into the world of French perfumery, it was used to create exotic and bewitching fragrances. Patchouli became an essential ingredient in many fragrances, including those by Guerlain. Its unique woody, earthy and slightly sweet fragrance has captured the hearts of perfumers and perfume lovers all over the world.

Today, patchouli is an emblematic ingredient. Its dosage varies, but it can be found in both sensual oriental creations and fresh, modern compositions. Its rich history and distinctive character make it a must-have ingredient.

The typical scent of patchouli

Patchouli has a complex and typical olfactory profile. Its main characteristics include :

An earthy scent

Patchouli gives off a strong earthy, even woody note, reminiscent of freshly turned earth. This earthy note is one of its most recognisable signatures.

A spicy sweetness

In addition to its earthy aspect, patchouli has a sweet, sometimes even spicy sweetness. This facet can vary in intensity depending on the quality and origin of the patchouli.

Exceptional olfactory tenacity

Known for its tenacity, patchouli has excellent staying power on the skin. Remember, however, that a fragrance can smell, evolve and hold up differently from one person to another.

A wealth of scents

Patchouli is extremely adaptable. Used mainly as a heart or base note in a fragrance composition, it brings a unique depth and aromatic complexity.

Patchouli, a mixed fragrance

Patchouli checks off all the boxes of so-called unisex fragrances. The balance it brings to a formula and the memories it evokes make it appealing to men and women of all generations. It evokes a sense of freedom and indulgence that’s hard to get enough of. Thanks to its earthy, woody and sweet notes, patchouli adapts to a wide range of fragrance compositions. It offers a solid base, making it an ingredient of choice in many unisex fragrances.

Three cult fragrances with patchouli

Since our creation in 1988, we have always created fragrances that are equally feminine and masculine. We believe that perfume is unisex by nature: the ingredients are neither feminine nor masculine. If you’re wondering whether our fragrances featuring patchouli are just as suitable for men as for women, the answer is YES! It’s all a question of olfactory culture and taste. Over the years, we’ve dedicated 3 cult fragrances in our collection to this ingredient:

  • ippi patchouli : a raw, woody, earthy patchouli in homage to the 70s. Our iconic fragrance that has stood the test of time and generations since 1988 (available in eau de parfum and pure perfume).
  • ippi patchouli clair : a sunnier version than the original, with citrus notes at the top, tiare flower at the heart and gourmand praline at the base. Intended as a limited edition fragrance, it has now become a permanent creation in the collection (available in eau de parfum).

  • kilim : a spicy, floral oriental patchouli that will take you on a journey through a spice market at the gateway to the Orient. A warm fragrance that makes us feel good during fresh days (available in eau de parfum and pure perfume).

If you’re addicted to patchouli and these 3 fragrances tempt you terribly, you’ll in love with La Patchouli Addict scented set. So what are you waiting for to try them out?

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