How to perfume like a pro?

How to perfume yourself

If you’re looking for the best kept secrets on how to wear perfume, you have come to the right place. There are a few simple things you can do to leave behind a unique scent that will make hearts flutter around every corner.

Because let’s be honest, choosing your fragrance is an adventure in itself. It is a bit like choosing your olfactory superpower every morning! But here is a good news: even the most expensive perfume in the world is worthless if it doesn’t match with you and if you don’t know how to apply it properly. It is like having a magic sword, but not knowing how to wield it…

So buckle up and get ready to discover the secrets that will transform your fragrant routine!

Where to apply perfume

Before we explain how to apply perfume, you must learn to target right! There are the classic areas of our body, and the more surprising and often underrated ones. Let’s see if you know them all…

Conventional areas

We are thinking in particular of the wrists, which subtly diffuse your fragrance as the day progresses and your arms move. Then, of course, the neck! An ideal zone for leaving an olfactory and intimate memory. Finally, your hair, which you can perfume by spraying over your head, before walking through this comforting olfactory mist. Like fabric, hair has the advantage that your fragrance often lasts longer than your skin.

Do not miss these body zones

You can place a few drops behind the ears, where your loved ones can enjoy your fragrance without tickling your nose. But also in the hollows of your elbows and knees, perfect for subtle diffusion with every movement. Your navel is much more than a pretty hollow in the middle of your belly: it is the secret ally for a fragrance that lasts. Its perfect shape acts as a natural reservoir, and your body heat takes care of the rest.

As a general rule, perfume your pulse points: those places where the heart goes ” booming ” and naturally warms your skin, which then diffuses the fragrance.

No need to empty your scented bottle

You want your perfume to stay, right? Then avoid perfuming yourself like a furious waterfall. You are a pro now, remember. Two or three well-placed sprays can be enough. And no, there is no need to turn your bathroom into a perfumed mist. Your wallet will thank you!

Of course, keep in mind that not all fragrances are created equal: some are made to be discreet, others to last and make their statement. This is even more true as perfume can react differently from one person to another, depending on their skin. But don’t stop there, we have got a few more tricks up our sleeve…

How do I apply the right perfume? On a prepared skin!

Exfoliate, vibrate and glow

Before applying your fragrance, it is time to enjoy the pleasure of exfoliating. Do it playfully all over your body, insisting on the areas where the fragrance will be sprayed. Scrubbing removes all traces of dead skin, allowing your fresh skin to soak up your favorite fragrance.

Moisturize your skin before spraying

Now that you know where to spray your fragrance, and that your skin has been meticulously exfoliated, it is time to give it one last push to achieve total alchemy with your perfume. Imagine your skin as an artist’s canvas, ready to create a work of art. Well-moisturized skin is like a blank canvas, ready to receive your fragrance. Moisturizing prevents your scent from evaporating too quickly and improves its lasting power.

Body cream or lotion, the choice is yours

Choose a scent-free lotion or cream. You don’t want your moisturizer to have a duel with your perfume, right? Make sure your skin is clean and fresh, then apply the lotion or cream of your choice before applying your perfume.

The 30 centimeter rule

Imagine you are in the middle of spraying your favorite perfume, and all of a sudden… Boom, a cloud of perfume! This is what happens when you spray too close to your skin. You suffocate it, and the fragrance doesn’t have the space to unfold and reveal all its delicious facets. To avoid this disastrous phenomenon, follow the 30 cm rule. By keeping a reasonable distance between the bottle and your skin (about the length of your arm), you allow your fragrance to disperse subtly and elegantly.

Mistakes to avoid when applying perfume

As explained above, pay attention to the beauty products you apply to your skin. Soap, cream, oil and other skincare products will have a big influence on the smell of your perfume if they are themselves scented.

Everyone has rubbed their wrists after spraying perfume on them. Well, it is a very bad practice! This reflex has considerable consequences for the development of your perfume. It will break down the fragrance molecules, causing them to disperse very quickly. Too quickly!

In conclusion…

Every fragrance has its own preferences: eau de parfum on pulse zones, eau de toilette in the hair, essence de parfum in precious touches. What is essential? Clean skin for unique olfactory pleasure. By mastering these nuances, you will truly become the maestro of your own olfactory symphony. Explore, experiment, and let your trail bewitch the senses wherever you go!

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