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What is a good fragrance? It is a question we ask ourselves every day. And the least we can say is that opinions are divided! A good perfume goes far beyond a pleasant smell. From the quality of the ingredients to the harmony of the notes and the durability of the scent, discover the characteristics that make a perfume a true olfactory work of art.

Characteristics of a good fragrance

Quality of the ingredients

A right perfume is distinguished by the quality of its ingredients. We like to find natural essences, carefully selected for their purity, rarity and richness. These elements give the perfume depth and authenticity. But a good fragrance often hides equally rare and precious synthetic ingredients. They bring modernity and diversity to fragrances.

Harmony of the notes

Harmony of notes is essential to create a good, balanced and captivating fragrance. Well-orchestrated accords reveal the fragrance’s complexity, combining top, middle and base notes to evoke deep, lasting emotions. For some people, a good perfumer is one who can create simple scents with short formulas. For others, the best nose is one that creates complex, mysterious fragrances. And what about you?

Should a good fragrance be long-lasting?

Ideally, yes, but the same fragrance may last a day on one person, or just a few hours on another. A perfume’s lasting power depends very much on the skin of the person wearing it. While a good fragrance should have a certain longevity in the collective mind, don’t judge a scent to be lacking in quality if it doesn’t last long enough on you. Life can be unfair!

A sleek wake

Here again, it is impossible to find a consensus! A perfume’s trail is its ability to leave a subtle, elegant trace. A good fragrance creates a lingering trail that attracts attention without being overpowering, leaving behind the pleasant aura of the scent. While some people prefer powerful fragrances, others prefer them to be discreet.

12 good fragrances for 12 months or emotions

For us, a right perfume is above all one that matches you! Those who have followed us since our beginnings in 1988 love the fact that they will not smell our fragrances “at every corner”. A confidentiality that suits us! And what if the perfect scent was the one you needed at any given moment, depending on the season or your emotions?

Take a journey through the seasons

Each fragrance is more or less adapted to certain seasons of the year, giving you a good reason to change from time to time. If we were to venture to put our fragrances into the boxes of a calendar, we could classify them as follows…

For days bathed in springtime sweetness and summer heat, let yourself be seduced by the chypre notes of ïōdé, the floral charm of label rose, the delicate, fruity blast of musc, the invigorating alõ or the sunny ippi patchouli clair. These fresh fragrances are perfect for warm, sunny days!

As autumn approaches, our fragrances goud, so, alfred kafé or 555 may comfort you. Their rich accords and spicy notes evoke the changing nuances of the season, transporting you into a whirlwind of golden leaves and sweet nostalgia.

In the depths of winter, trust the burning notes of kilim, the woody, earthy facets of ippi patchouli or the deliciousness of vanille to brighten your day. Their hot and comforting facets will keep you warm all winter long.

We see you coming… Of course you can wear ippi patchouli in summer or ïōdé in winter. There is no truth to it, you choose!

A fragrance for every mood

Because every day is different, our perfumes offer a variety of choices to reflect your current state of mind. Whether you are looking for a fresh, invigorating fragrance to wake you up in the morning, or a sensual scent for a special evening, our collection has everything you need to accompany you at every moment.

So, have you fallen in love with our perfumes?

There is no magic formula for creating a good fragrance: it is above all a personal feeling. If you would like to discover our “best scents”, let yourself be tempted by our Discovery Set! This is your chance to try all our eaux de parfum and find the one that is right for you…

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