Best women’s perfume: follow the guide!

best womens perfume

In the quest of the best women’s perfume, it is essential to find one that not only lasts on the skin all day long, but also subtly reveals your personality. Contrary to popular belief, a good fragrance for women is not necessarily the one that sells the most. You might say that is very convenient for us, because we are a long way from selling the millions of bottles sold by the most popular brands. But we believe that true olfactory magic lies in confidential fragrances, those that surprise and charm at every turn…

Guide to the best women’s perfume

1. A perfume that lasts… or not!

Perfume’s staying power on the skin is a key consideration when choosing a new fragrance. There is nothing more pleasant than smelling delicious all day long. Is the best fragrance for women the one that stays on your skin the longest? Leaving a subtle, elegant trail that will not go unnoticed is important. But when it comes to olfactory power and sillage, everyone has their own preference. To make your perfume last, (re)discover our tips.

2. A fragrance that reflects me

Your fragrance is much more than just a scent: it is a true expression of your personality. Whether you are bold, romantic, mysterious or adventurous, there is a fragrance that perfectly matches your essence. The best perfume for women is the one that charms and seduces, starting with you! Whether you prefer floral notes, woody accords or oriental fragrances, let your personality shine through.

3. Confidential & sensual scent

In the world of women’s fragrances, beauty sometimes lies in discretion. Confidential fragrances, often unknown to the mass market, possess an undeniable charm. Their rarity and originality make them olfactory treasures to be discovered and cherished. The best women’s perfume may be hidden in a small boutique tucked away on a street corner, or be the fruit of the passionate work of an independent perfume designer. Dare to leave the beaten track and explore confidential brands to find the fragrance you can’t smell on every street corner…

4. Perfume, the ultimate accessory

Perfume is the icing on the cake of your outfit! Of all fashion accessories, it is certainly the one that reflects you the most. You can change it, but perfume never goes out of style. It becomes our second skin and takes us on a journey through time. Although invisible, it is perhaps the part of you that people notice the most.

The ultimate feminine fragrance, in our opinion?

It is a trick question, and one we would rather not answer! We like to get wet, but we don’t think there is any right answer. Our role is to guide you in your quest for the best women’s perfume, not to influence you! First tip: keep an open mind and forget about codes. Perfumes are mixed by nature, so smell them blind to get your own idea. If you are curious, check out our 12 eaux de parfum that are just waiting for you. We don’t know if THE best perfume for women is hidden in them, but for thousands of women who have been following us since 1988, our fragrances have become THEIR best perfume. Creations made in France and offered at fair prices all year round. We have tried everything to help you find that perfume gem…

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