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A cheap perfume ok, but according to whom? Because in the wonderful world of perfume, price is a very subjective notion. Between luxurious bottles whose prices defy the law of gravity, and more accessible options that can leave you bewildered, it is hard to understand where the real olfactory treasure lies. Let’s try to understand how the price of a perfume is defined…

Cheap perfume: a matter of perception

We should start by demystifying the notion of price. A cheap perfume for some may be inaccessible for others. Behind the scenes, the price of a fragrance is the result of a whole host of factors: the composition of the formula, the brand’s reputation, production, marketing and distribution costs. While some of the big names offer “top-of-the-range” fragrances, their notoriety can justify high prices without necessarily guaranteeing better quality than less expensive fragrances offered by more confidential brands.

Ingredient quality and sourcing: the key to authentic perfume

At Carrément Belle, we believe that the most important part of a fragrance is its juice! A fragrance’s formula can be composed of few or many ingredients of varying qualities. Niche brands and major houses usually feature rare, natural ingredients in their exclusive collections. Often hand-harvested and ethically grown, these materials are sourced from the 4 corners of the globe. Fewer brands talk about the synthetic ingredients they use, which are sometimes more expensive than natural ones, but just as important in the perfumer’s palette.

But some less well-known brands with more affordable creations are not to be outdone. Many are committed to using high-quality ingredients from sustainable sources. Like us, they are supported by sourcing specialists to unearth the finest materials. As a result, it is possible to find quality fragrances, carefully crafted and ethically sourced, even at affordable prices!

Origins and packaging: the story behind the bottle

Another aspect to consider is the perfume’s provenance and packaging. Luxury brands often highlight their history and heritage, which helps to strengthen their appeal to consumers. They generally invest heavily in the development of original, creative bottles, designed by renowned designers or glassmakers. These high development costs inevitably have an impact on the cost of the perfume, and therefore its selling price.

To offer a cheap perfume, you can then opt for simpler packaging, which will not compromise the sensory experience or the quality of the fragrance. What we call “standard” bottles, sometimes found at several brands, are just as elegant and functional. It is up to the brand to make them its own by finding a creative design! They can then reduce production costs and offer more accessible fragrances.

When marketing gets under the skin of cheap perfume

Communication plays a decisive role in the perception of a perfume’s price and quality. Luxury brands invest heavily in marketing to create a sense of exclusivity and aspiration around their products. Advertising campaigns, celebrity collaborations and promotional events all contribute to reinforcing the prestigious image associated with these fragrances.

Some brands also set purposely high prices to position themselves as market leaders. With prohibitive prices, their fragrances appear to be necessarily qualitative, exclusive and rare.
On the other hand, more confidential brands with a desire to create accessible fragrances often adopt a more direct approach. Their aim? To control marketing expenditure so that the cost of communication does not impact too much on the final cost of the product. In order to offer a cheap perfume, these brands rely on social networks, micro-influencers and a direct relationship with their customers.

Preparation, distribution and customer experience: from bottle to skin

Before the fragrance hits the shelves, it still has to be prepared and shipped. If brands don’t produce and package their fragrances themselves, this subcontracting will logically increase the final cost of the bottle. The same applies to the intermediaries who help brands bring their fragrances to market (distributors, agents): the more intermediaries there are, the higher the final price.

Finally, the way a fragrance is distributed can also influence its price and perceived quality. Luxury fragrances are often sold in selective perfumeries or exclusive boutiques, where the customer experience is at the heart of the transaction. Sales advisors guide customers in their choice and offer personalized service.

It will often take more effort for curious noses in search of a more confidential and accessible fragrance. But thanks to the rise of e-commerce and social networks, brands that are less well known to the general public can now be found. In their quest for diversification, independent boutiques are also increasingly playing the game, offering perfume as a complementary product.

Choosing a perfume is therefore not simply a question of price, but rather of affinity to a scent, a brand, or the story behind it. It is also important to note that the market has seen very sharp price rises since the COVID crisis. Despite this, for the vast majority of customers, price doesn’t seem to be an obstacle or a motivation to find a new brand. Why not? Because our perfume is a part of ourselves, and it is very difficult to break away from it. The key is to find the one that awakens your senses and makes you feel at one with yourself.

What about our perfumes: affordable or not?

Since our beginnings in 1988, our aim has been to make beautiful perfumery affordable, with original creations at fair prices. Created with care and the expertise of the artisans who surround us, our fragrances make no compromise on the quality of the ingredients. At Carrément Belle, we are proud to promote local know-how and contribute to the preservation of creative, artisanal perfumery.

Yet we are curious: what do you think would be a fair price for a perfume? We don’t know what your budget is, but we are sure you could love our fragrances. Want to bet? Discover all our eaux de parfum with the Discovery Set for 15€ only (shipping cost offered in France or +5€ in many countries,  and 15€ refunded on your next order) and tell us what you think…

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