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The promise is huge, but the quest for the best fragrance for men starts here. It may end up with one or more perfumes, from us or elsewhere. The most important thing is that you find what you are looking for! To find that rare gem, you need to ask the right questions, and sometimes challenge preconceived ideas. Let’s explore the key factors to consider to find YOUR perfect fragrance…

Best fragrance for men: a family (olfactory) affair?

The first step towards discovering the best fragrance for men is to understand the different olfactory families. From woody notes to fresh citrus accents, from aromatic facets to floral and powdery notes (and yes, why not?), each family offers a unique olfactory experience. Get to know them better and find out which notes are right for you…

Woody fragrance: the gentlemen’s favourite

Woody fragrances encapsulate the warmth and earthiness of precious woods. These fragrances are characterised by rich, deep notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and sometimes patchouli. Each note brings a unique dimension to the composition, creating a singular, bewitching trail.

The citrus family: when citrus sparkles

Refreshing and invigorating, citrus fragrances are bursting with citrus notes such as lemon, bergamot, orange, pomelo, grapefruit and many others. These invigorating, often volatile fragrances are perfect for sports or for kick-starting the day with a real olfactory boost!

Floral fragrances: scented bouquet

Often mistakenly associated with feminine perfumes, floral fragrances offer a subtle palette for men, with remarkable ingredients such as jasmine, rose or orange blossom, for example. They add a touch of sweetness and refinement to everyone’s personality. Are you curious? Here’s our selection of floral eaux de parfum

Orientals, a spicy olfactory family

Also known as “amber”, oriental fragrances offer warm, opulent and sensual accords. They include vanillaamber, musc, precious woods and exotic spices such as cinnamon, cloves and saffron. Their intensity and longevity on the skin are perfect for people who love fragrances with character. Discover our oriental creations

Ferns, or the aromatic family

The aromatic family, inspired by fresh herbs and aromatic plants, offers a unique sensory experience. You will appreciate the notes of lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme and mint. Geranium and moss accords are also often prominent. These fragrances evoke memories of the great outdoors. The fragrance that best characterizes this family? Definitely alfred kafé!

From Chypre with love

The Chypre olfactory family gathers perfumes built around very specific ingredients. There are accords of oakmoss, cistus-labdanum and bergamot, but also that signature of damp undergrowth. Find out more about our chypre fragrances.


Less well known but much appreciated by men, the leathery fragrance family reveals some wonderful surprises. Here, we try to reproduce the warm smell of leather, with its tobacco facets and dry, smoky scents. Raw, mysterious fragrances…

Key questions for finding your top fragrance for men

Are you looking for a fragrance that lasts a long time on the skin?

The best fragrance for men can differ from one person to another. While some men like perfumes that last all day, others prefer explosive but volatile scents. If you are looking for a fragrance that lasts on your skin, consider testing it under the right conditions. Remember that the longevity of a fragrance can vary from one skin to another. So don’t hesitate to perfume your clothes if you need to, or choose a more concentrated version…

Do you prefer an intense or discreet men’s fragrance?

While we are on the subject, the perfume concentration is another important factor to consider. Logically, the more concentrated it is, the longer the fragrance will last. More concentrated fragrances (pure perfumes, perfume extracts, perfume essences…) are also often synonymous with long-lasting intensity. An eau de cologne or eau de toilette can also be intense, but the effect is generally more ephemeral. Eau de parfum can be just the right balance. So choose the type of perfume that best suits your mood.

One perfume for life, or one for all my desires?

Speaking about desires, you can have plenty! You might need a warm fragrance for winter and a fresh one for summer. Or you might prefer a perfume that is full of vitamins for sport, or bewitching for a night out… While some men change their perfume like they change their shirt, depending on the season or mood, others have found THEIR scent that they wouldn’t change for the world…

How do you test a new perfume?

Your perfume is an expression of your personality. You need to feel comfortable with it, so that it becomes a real second skin. Rule number one: trust yourself! Be open to suggestions from friends and family, but above all follow your instincts and your desires.

We can’t say it enough: try your perfumes blind. Don’t pay attention to the brand name or current trends. Forget about the ingredients that might appear in the name of the perfume. Ignore the marketing codes and advices from sales assistants that might lead you down a men’s or a women’s aisle. Close your eyes, smell and let your senses do the talking. You will be surprised which fragrances you like if nothing else influences your decision.

The best fragrance men by Carrément Belle?

If you say so, we are happy to believe it! As explained, the idea is to ignore all the codes that can keep you from finding the perfect fragrance for men for you! There is no one fragrance that is better than another, but there are several that can suit us.

At Carrément Belle, we strongly believe that if a perfume delights you, it is made for you! This is why we attach great importance to subjectivity when it comes to scents, because perfume is not defined by a specific gender! We design our fragrances to be enjoyed by everyone.

To help you make your choice, we offer our famous Discovery set, which allows you to try our entire Collection for 15€ (free shipping in France). This set contains the samples (1.8ml/0.06oz) of all our eaux de parfum, blotters, a descriptive booklet and a surprise that will stick to your skin! If you are ordering it for the first time, you will even receive a 15€ discount voucher after dispatch, valid for 30 days on the purchase of an eau de parfum and/or a pure parfum.

Isn’t life beautiful?

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