The carnation is a perennial plant that belongs to the family Caryophyllaceae. There are many varieties, such as the poet’s carnation, the one of China, which is odorless, or the Mignardise, which is very fragrant. According to legend, the flower was born as a result of Diana’s whim. She would have plucked out the eyes of a shepherd and thrown them on the ground. These will eventually germinate and give birth to the carnation. It is possible to obtain an absolute with a spicy smell. However, the production of it is very expensive for a rather low yield. That is why this scent is mostly reproduced through synthesis.

To do so, a large quantity of eugenol is used, which is naturally present in the carnation and also the main component of the clove, hence its spicy note. The perfumer adds a “balmy” note, floral nuances and a touch of iris for the powdery side.