Clove (leaves and buds)

Clove come from buds of the clove plant's flowers, it is generally used in oriental perfumes

Cloves are cultivated in Madagascar, Indonesia or Zanzibar. The flowers are picked by hand when the buds are ready to open. These buds are then dried in the sun where they get their characteristic brown color. In perfumery, it is possible to use the essential oil obtained by the hydro-distillation of buds. But the noses can also use the essence of the plant’s leaves.  These two essences are very close and have a warm, camphoric and medicinal scent. Indeed, their smell can remind you the dentist’s office since it is mainly made of eugenol, a molecule used especially in oral hygienic products. Clove leaf essence is widely used in oriental fragrances, and you can find it in kilim.