Fig tree

Emblematic fruit of the Mediterranean basin, the fig is known for its sweet taste and its delicious perfume. However, its scent is quite complex with herbaceous and creamy notes, nuances of ripe fruit but also slightly woody tones. The wood and leaves of the fig tree also release a very interesting scent.

Even if in its natural state the fruit’s scent is quite powerful, it is impossible to capture its odor in an essence. It is therefore reproduced in the laboratory using synthetic molecules. And perfumers are spoilt for choice to create their own interpretation of the fig! Prunolide has a very creamy side that evokes peach. Octlactone gamma is reminiscent of coconut and brings a milky enveloping touch. Coumarin can also be used to reveal a sweet, ripe fruit aspect. Other compounds can also bring more green and woody nuances that will recall the foliage of the fig tree. In the vitaminized eau de parfum enkor, the fig tree reveals its green and woody notes