the orchid reveals a balsamic, suave, floral and vanilla fragrance

The orchid is a perennial plant of which there are more than 20,000 species, which are themselves divided into different genera. The orchid can be a herbaceous plant or grow as a liana in some tropical regions. This is the case of the planifolia orchid which is the origin of the vanilla bean. Its multitude of varieties offers a considerable palette of scents. It is often vanilla, but it can also reveal aniseed facets, coffee notes or spicy scents such as cinnamon. In perfumery, the head space technique is often used to preserve the delicacy of the flower. Noses can also recreate its scent by blending several other natural essences. The orchid note is generally used in women’s compositions to bring them a suave and floral nuance, all in delicacy.