Beyond the Orient, oud perfumes creations from all over the world with its captivating notes.

Oud is a very popular perfumes of the Arab culture. It is now invited in the creations of perfumers all over the world. In the East, it is said that oud was discovered by an Arab merchant while he was in India. According to legend, the man walked by a burning forest whose smoke gave off a particularly pleasant scent. Oud wood comes from the Aquilaria, a wood with many names.

When it is attacked by a particular species of fungus, this wood secretes a very fragrant resin which it soaks in to protect itself. Once cut into small chips, the oud (in Arabic al-oud meaning wood) can be used in various ways. In the form of shavings, it is burned as incense and in perfumes, its oil is used for its animal, leathery and absolutely sensual scent. Due to its rarity and slow production, this raw material is extremely expensive.