Patchouli, an ingredient dear to our heart and nose, comes from a tropical plant. Its characteristic smell is woody and earthy

Patchouli is honored in 1921 by Coty and the new Chypre olfactory family. But it is at the beginning of the 70s, with the appearance of the hippie generation, that the patchouli will become the symbol of the flower power with its earthy, wooded, vibrating but also aerial so particular scent. Patchouli is a tropical plant growing in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. This plant has long stems that do not release any odor. It is once dried in the sun that its leaves are distilled to give patchouli essence. Its smell may remind you a wine cork or an overripe apple.

At Carrément Belle, patchouli is honored through mainly three perfumes: ippi patchouli (raw, woody and earthy, our first creation in 1988), ippi patchouli clair (fresher and more gourmand than the original version) and kilim (an oriental patchouli, flowery and spicy). Discover the story of patchouli in detail here.