Peruvian balsam

The peruvian balsam offers a balsamic and sweet perfume.

Peruvian balsam is a colossal tree native to El Salvador, found in the “Cordillera des Balsamo”. Its name has remained since colonial times when the balsam was exported from Peru to Europe. The balsam comes from the thick brown resin of the tree. It is harvested by the “Balsameros” who sometimes climb to more than 20 meters high to cut into the trunk. The collectors then place a tissue over the incisions, which will become full of resin after a few weeks. The tissues are then mixed with crushed bark to be pressed and purified. In addition to its medicinal powers praised by Amerindian legends, Peruvian balsam is renowned for its rich scent, characterized by sweet, slightly animal notes with hints of leather and vanilla.