Praline is a candy that hides an almond and whose sweet smell is found in gourmand perfumes and in particular in our eau de parfum claire ippi patchouli

Praline is a pink candy that hides an almond covered with sugar. Besides its success in pastry, praline has also seduced perfumers in search of gourmand notes. Its smell evokes hazelnut, almond and grilled sugar. The perfume of praline can be recreated by blending organic and synthetic raw materials. This is the case of maltol, or veltol, present in cocoa and whose smell is similar to the one of caramel or toast. Ethyl maltol is a purely artificial component, more intense, which is also used to restore these sweet notes. Praline sweetness is honored in the base note of our fragrance ippi patchouli clair: a solar, earthy and gourmand perfume.