Tiare & monoi

The tiare flower, or gardenia tahitensis, is the emblem of Polynesia, Tahiti and the Cook Islands. The tiare tree is a shrub that grows in the Pacific islands and can reach a height of about 4 meters. It produces white flowers with a sweet and bewitching scent reminiscent of jasmine. Often confused with the frangipani flower, the tiare flower has been cultivated in Tahiti for centuries for its moisturizing and softening properties. The flower is also an integral part of the many mystical rituals of love filters and aphrodisiac bouquets. In perfumery, the flower is extracted with volatile solvents to obtain a concrete and then an absolute. It is also possible to reproduce the perfume through synthesis. Tiare flower brings a soft, floral scent with exotic and solar nuances to compositions. The encounter between tiare flower and coconut oil gave birth to a sacred oil, monoi. To make it, the flower is picked while it is still only a bud. It is then macerated in copra oil. The creamy, sweet fragrance of the flower is gently extracted and blended with the sweetness of the coconut oil.