By favouring a local manufacturing, we benefit from and highlight the wonderful know-how that surround us and produce in a more responsible way.


We have always favoured French craftsmen and partners to create local fragrances. Our perfumes, labelled "Origine France Garantie", have been made in Grasse since our beginnings. A few kilometres away, incredible wax makers design and pour our candles by hand. Our cases are made and shaped in Grignan and our bottles are screen-printed in Cléon d'Andran. Everything is then assembled by hand in our workshop in Nîmes! Take a tour of France thanks to the map below to better understand where the main elements of your perfume come from...


When we create a fragrance, we invest most of our budget in the essential ingredient: the fragrance and its concentration. Combining the quality of beautiful natural raw materials with the most modern techniques, the "juice" is the centrepiece of your fragrances, scented candles and incense.


We have the chance to work with craftsmen with exceptional know-how, with whom we have forged special relationships. A synergy between enthusiasts that allows us to create accomplished fragrances, such as our candles, which require a close collaboration between the perfumer and the wax maker, so that the scented base blends harmoniously with the wax and the wick during burning.


Today, each bottle and each sample are still filled manually in our workshop in Nîmes: all our products are assembled and checked there, before being shipped directly to you. We pay constant attention to the small details, so that you can fully appreciate your fragrance as soon as you receive it. For us, this is a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

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