A perfume for each season?

Faut-il changer de parfum selon la saison ?

Whether the sunlight warms your skin or the snow makes you shudder, one thing is certain: you never go out without perfuming yourself. This daily ritual persists over the seasons and years. However, your fragrance can change depending on your desires, moods and maybe even the weather. But do you really have to adapt your perfume to the season? Do you change your perfume as often as you change your mind? While autumn begins, we share with you our opinion on the seasonality of perfumes…

Tell me your perfume, I will tell you which season it is…

Depending on the season, our wardrobe evolves to adapt to temperatures. But our moods and desires change too. The long summer nights on lawns with green and herbaceous scents hand over to a comforting moment under a soft blanket and the scent of a gourmand hot chocolate. Each time of the year has a palette of different notes and smells. Perfume would therefore follow the same codes as our wardrobe to dress up with shades adapted to each season.

Winter ❄️

When temperatures fall, scented desires become warmer and more intense. The sweetness brought by notes of vanilla, cinnamon or tonka bean warm our necks and our wrists (but will not replace a good sweater)! The spicy and woody scents remind our senses of the festive smells of the year’s end celebrations. Mulled wine, gingerbread, pine… are more than ever used in fragrant compositions. Oriental fragrances, thanks to amber and patchouli in particular, make you travel. In just a few drops, let yourself be carried away to sunny landscapes.

Spring ?

Winter ends and open the path to the sweetness of (finally) longer and brightest days. Buds point the tip of their noses and tickle yours with their green and fresh fragrance. The bouquets of white flowers, lily of the valley or jasmine grow in sparkling and invigorating scents.

Summer ⛱️

During summer, we dream of exotic journeys with fruity scents. Sun gives prominence to citrus fruits which bring some zest of love to the composition of your perfume. Even the way to perfume ourselves evolves: we prefer fresher fragrances to spray in the hair or on our clothes when the heat is overwhelming. Marine scents take you to the open sea and along the coast, with invigorating notes that remind us the coastal spray.

Autumn ?

When autumn approaches, our mood changes again. The scent becomes woodier and spicier, with warm and soothing notes. Musky perfumes combine with greener nuances or their warm heart are highlighted in refined compositions as our sensual and intimate musc with its wild and enveloping wake…

Perfume and season: a marketing argument?

Unlike gastronomy, olfactory art is not subject to seasonality. Indeed, as we have already told you here, a fragrance evolves very well over time (thanks to some simple tips to apply) and can be worn according to your desire, regardless of the outside temperature.

Through their name or their communication, some perfumes claim to be perfect for a particular season. Advertisers sing the praise of more and more fragrances under our noses sometimes a little lost! This multiplication of fragrances finds an explanation in the 90s when various ready-to-wear brands, in particular, have created their own olfactory signatures. The perfume was thus democratized, and the historic perfumers had to go with the flow to keep their place. A novelty every five or six years is not enough then: they have to launch one every 5 or 6 months to stay in the race. On the shelves, fragrances multiply and come in various versions. More intense, more flowery, fresher or more wooded: your perfume fits to each season to follow you all year…

But this phenomenon also has many positive points since it has allowed more people to have access to perfume, and perfumers to use all their creativity to imagine new fragrances that allow us today to diversify scents.

New olfactory adventures

Thanks to these plenty creations and variations, it is tempting to be unfaithful to your beloved perfume. Your unfaithfulness is also uninhibited when you tell us that you wear ippi patchouli clair in summer and the original version of ippi patchouli the rest of the year (even its intense pure perfume in winter)… And you would be wrong to deprive yourself! Because changing perfume from time to time is the best way to rediscover your favorite when you get this one out again.

Seasons are therefore an opportunity to change or renew certain habits. You do not need a good reason to try new fragrances: the quest for the ideal scent does not wait!

Wear what you like!

As we often say when we talk about perfume, there is no code or rule to follow. This concerns both the presumed gender of a perfume and the season when you should wear it! So do not hesitate to wear a fragrance with tiare flower in the middle of winter or a powerful and enchanting amber under a blazing sun. The only thing that matters is that your nose is having a great time!

We are curious: do you change your perfume according to the season? Or do you prefer that your fragrance follows you throughout the year?

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