5 tips to wear perfume in summer

Wear perfume in summer: discover our tips to enjoy your perfume when the sun is blazing

Summer has settle down, bringing with it a gentle sunny heat that warms our skin. During the summer period the fragrances become lighter and leave behind us the holiday scent that we wait for all year long. However, wearing perfume in summer can be a real headache: you want to wear it and enjoy your favorite scents, but you often fear the worst, preferring not to wear anything at all. Fragrance that goes musty, stains on the skin, odor that become disturbing… In order that perfume remains a pleasure, here are our 5 tips to use your fragrance in summer and adapt your ritual when the thermometer goes wild.

Sparingly you will perfume yourself

The first advice to adopt to wear fragrance in summer is to perfume yourself parsimoniously. As you may know, heat tends to diffuse odors more widely. That is why our grandmothers used to put citrus peelings on the fireplace or place a vanilla bean in the oven while it was still warm to perfume the house.

But when it comes to perfume, overheating is never a good idea. With heat, the fragrance evaporates differently and the base notes, which are the most tenacious, stay on the skin longer. The scents then may become too overpowering and can cause headache. Depending on your habits, do not hesitate to slightly reduce your daily “doses”. Nevertheless, you will see that the wake you love so much will not disappear.

To wear perfume in summer, new gestures you will adopt

When the heat arrives, perspiration and sunburn are a good fit… Two summer consequences that are not really appreciated by perfume. The best ally for perfume in summer remains impeccable hygiene, so remind to perfume yourself directly after the shower. We are inspired by the technique used by Brazilians to stay fresh and fragrant despite the humidity: we “splash” our fragrance on the body still wet after washing. To make summer scents rhyme with happiness, it is also important to perfume yourself in a cool and airy room. To do this, do not hesitate to get out of the bathroom and do not immediately go into your car parked in the sun.

In the summer you can also change your daily ritual. To do this, perfume yourself gently. Slip into a fragrant “cloud” that you have created by spraying a few drops in the air. You can also use new areas to spray your fragrance: the back of the earlobe, the top of the nape of the neck or even your ankles. However, be careful not to get too close to the skin so that the perfume droplets are more evenly distributed. And to avoid contact with the skin, you can perfume your clothes (watch out for the silk, it can cause stains), your hair (spray the perfume directly onto your hairbrush to distribute the fragrance evenly) or even slip an impregnated cloth into your handbag. Light and fresh wake guaranteed!

The sun you will avoid

Sunshine and perfume are not a very harmonious couple. Stains, irritations, burns… But beware of preconceived ideas! The appearance of such stains is rare today and can be explained in several ways according to dermatologists:

  • Perfume dermatitis: brown spots form on the skin. They were caused by the presence of a component of bergamot essence: bergapten, a natural compound present in many fragrances but also a photosensitizing substance. Since 1996, dosages of bergaptens have been strictly limited by the European Cosmetics Directive. The essence used has thus evolved and is no longer phototoxic.
  • Allergy: certain ingredients can sometimes cause redness or irritation but also pigmentation under the effect of the sun, on dark skin.
  • Irritation: some fragrances can become irritating when they are too exposed to the sun due to the alcohol content in particular. This can then cause irritation which may be accompanied by pigmentation.

Since 1988, we have been working with a world-renowned perfumer and carefully control all our compositions, which scrupulously comply with health standards. In more than 30 years of existence, no customer has complained of any allergy, but every skin is different. So to avoid any risk, if you are prone to allergies or are particularly sensitive, avoid wearing perfume on your skin when you plan to refine your tan. Instead, spray your clothes or style your hair with a scented Beau Carré! It is also very important, and this is valid during all the year, to never buy perfume outside the “classic” distribution network. In counterfeit perfumes the components are not controlled, and the risks of allergies, photosensitization and irritation are therefore much greater.

Towards new fragrances you will go

When summer comes, our scented desires change. At Carrément Belle, the blazing sun of the South of France, where our workshop is located, has warmed our noses and inspired our creations for many years. You can let yourself be conquered by the sunny scents of ippi patchouli, with notes of apricot, peach and coconut. In its brighter version, ippi patchouli clair will be the ally of your summer with an ever-woody formula to which are added deliciously citrusy and praline notes. It will envelop tanned skin with a gourmand and fresh wake!

Looking for freshness and lightness? If you have a marine nose, set out to conquer the open sea with ïōdé and its chypre heart, or take the plunge with alõ, a shivering, soothing fragrance. And when the heat is unbearable, opt for a second-skin effect with musc. Its enveloping softness matches the freshness of melon and raspberry. It is the perfect cocktail to enjoy an unexpected fruity freshness!

Of your precious bottles, great care will you take

To wear perfume in summer starts with taking care of the bottles. Do not forget that perfume is fragile and does not get on well with light, humidity and more generally temperature variations. We have already given you some simple and effective advice here to keep your perfume well. So that your fragrance follows you all summer long and pleasantly perfumes your holidays, do not forget to apply this few gestures. So, keep your precious bottle in its original packaging and keep it in a dry and cool place. Carry it in the same way: in its case, without exposing it to light. That way, you can take it everywhere and still enjoy the scent you love so much.

We are curious about your rituals and tips for enjoying your fragrances even when the thermometer climbs. How do you like to perfume yourself in the summer and which fragrance pleases you at this time?

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