Winter perfume: warm and comforting scents

the winter perfume is warm and comforting with woody, powdery or oriental notes

When the cold weather sets in and the thermometer dips into the negative, all we want to do is snuggle up with warm and comforting scents. That’s why many of you choose to wear a new perfume in winter. But how to choose it? We tell you all about the ingredients that wrap us and make us travel to forget the gloominess!

How to choose a winter perfume?

Warm fragrances

If in summer or spring our noses go in search of freshness, citrus, flowers or even marine notes, our desires change as soon as the weather starts to turn grey. Even if there is no season to wear your favorite perfume and perfumery is not subject to seasonality, it is often common to change our olfactory wardrobe as well as our dressing room. When winter comes, we wrap ourselves in scarves and sweaters, which we perfume with soft and soothing fragrances. Like a placebo, the cozy and comforting winter fragrance is there to warm you up by creating a real cocoon of scents around you. During this season, fragrance cravings become more intense, and the olfactory palette is adorned with new notes with a warmer and spicier profile.

Smells that make you travel

When the night falls at 5 pm and the days follow one another, the desire for sunny travels appears. Before you book your plane tickets, you can take your sense of smell on vacation. In just a few drops, let yourself be transported to destinations where the weather is better! Oriental fragrances, thanks to amber and patchouli in particular, will lull your nostrils to faraway lands. Exotic scents can also take you on a journey and are not just for the summer season. The scent of tiare or coconut, white flowers, ylang-ylang or tuberose… So many ingredients that propel you in bright scents.

A new routine for wearing your winter perfume

After the change to winter time, perfume also becomes more concentrated. Fresh and citrusy colognes take their annual leave, giving way to more intense and sustained formulas, such as eaux de parfum. These formulas are designed to accompany you on a daily basis and stay on your skin all day. Others are looking for even more intensity and a long-lasting wake that will stick to their skin until the end of the night. For these lovers of powerful fragrances, the pure perfume is just right. This format plays on the concentration of raw materials, which is higher, to offer you the scent you love so much in an even more precious and powerful version.

Winter is also the ideal season to evolve your perfume ritual by spraying your favorite fragrance on your clothes. A few drops on a scarf, a pschiit on the beautiful knit of your favorite sweater or on the collar of your warm coat… Your fragrance will not leave you for several days!

The accords that comfort

Among the different olfactory families and fragrant facets, there are accords particularly suited to the winter season. You can already opt for woody fragrances, from sandalwood to patchouli, cedar or licorice. These powerful yet subtle ingredients will envelop you in an intense wake. Others may favor sweet and gourmand compositions that diffuse the comforting scent of almonds, caramel, candied fruit or hot coffee… Spicy notes are also the stars of winter. Clove, cinnamon, pepper or ginger tickle our nostrils to warm them up. The oriental accords with amber and sensual fragrances are also good allies to spend the winter in the warmth. At this time of year, we also appreciate even more the musky scents that leave a sensual and mellow veil on the skin.

Winter perfumes by Carrément Belle

Because there is something for everyone, our Collection includes scents suitable for cooler temperatures. Here’s an overview of La Baigneuse’s winter fragrances:

vanilla is a gourmand fragrance with oriental and spicy notes

Gourmand vanille

Our gourmand vanille brings our childhood noses back to the irresistible smell of a festive kitchen. Remember that familiar smell of cake coming out of the oven with its sweet and caramelized scent… It awakens our taste buds as much as it tickles our noses! The eau de parfum vanille is a cocooning fragrance par excellence that can be worn over a thick and cozy sweater to envelop you in a warm and chewy scent!

ippi patchouli takes you on a journey through time

Timeless ippi patchouli

Summer and winter alike, ippi patchouli can withstand any weather conditions and dress you in its bohemian and woody scent. Its resinous patchouli reveals rich and raw scents, softened by the floral and sweet nuances of jasmine, coconut and peach. Finally, a musky note wraps this fragrance in a soft sensuality. An ideal olfactory combination to make your nose travel and warm your little neck with a perfume from elsewhere.

the spicy notes are predominant in 555 thanks to pepper, cinnamon and cloves

555, the fragrance of Christmas

Winter rhymes with holidays and all the scents that symbolize this rich period. As you stroll through the aisles of a Christmas market, you are drawn to the spicy scent of mulled wine with notes of cinnamon, clove and lemon… A bewitching scent that strangely reminds us of the mesmerizing wake of 555! This cocktail with a festive and sensual spirit mixes oriental, spicy and citrus notes… A winter fragrance to be enjoyed without moderation!

kilim is an oriental fragrance with spicy notes

The oriental kilim

With kilim, the resinous patchouli matches with oriental and spicy notes. Smell first the fruity and sweet smell of an orange spiked with cloves, candied apricots and melting apples that we taste next to the fireplace to warm up. A touch of vanilla, amber and benzoin give this creation its depth and richness, like an olfactory stroll through the colorful and fragrant alleys of an oriental market.

What kind of perfume do you like to wear in winter?

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