Sensual perfume : which fragrance to seduce ?

the sensual perfume is a real asset to conquer your future better half thanks to its charming notes...

When it comes to winning over the one you want, perfume can be a real asset. And fragrances have more than one trick up their sleeve to show your personality, tickle the nose of your future better half or give you confidence. But what are these notes so charming that they leave no one indifferent? How to master the art of sensual perfume without overdosing? We take you on a lesson in olfactory seduction!

Sensual perfume, a true love potion?

The power of seduction of perfume is no longer to be proven. It acts in an unconscious way in our brain to confirm an attraction or on the contrary to make us run for our life! If the perfume for a first date is determining, it also plays its role in the physical approach thanks to its erotic power. A real trap for feelings, there is still no magic molecule or ingredient that will guarantee that he/she will fall into your arms… So it’s up to you to find the sensual perfume that will make the nose turn!

Operation seduction olfaction: our advice to seduce

When it comes to olfactory seduction, tastes and smells are not up for discussion. A scent that is terribly attractive to one nose may be completely off-putting to another. Even if it’s up to you to find the ideal fragrance, here are some tips to make your perfume a real weapon of seduction.

Avoiding bestsellers

We see many rankings on the web of the 10 feminine perfumes that men can’t resist or the top of the most virile fragrances to seduce a woman… Generally, these scales are based on the best sales in mainstream perfumery. But is it really relevant to rely on them? Being in the trend with consensual fragrances will not necessarily make you stand out in the eyes, or rather in the nose. If a perfume, no matter how sensual, is worn by many, it might go unnoticed. Worse, it could even evoke the scent of another one that you wouldn’t need to remind your crush! So don’t hesitate to go for more confidential fragrances, those that you can’t smell at every corner…

Too much is the enemy of good

This time you found it, this sensual perfume which corresponds to you and which will match undeniably. Sure of yourself, you decide to bet everything on this scent by spraying it generously all over your person. Be careful, because putting on a lot of perfume is in no way synonymous with romance, unless your date is coming down with a bad cold. We often have the impression that we don’t smell our perfume anymore and therefore we should put twice as much of it on to show the other person all our olfactory personality. But if your brain is largely accustomed to your fragrance, it is not the case of your crush who will perhaps discover it for the first time. To avoid seeing him/her wrinkle the nose during the whole dinner, opt for a subtle perfume, with a few well targeted sprays.

Choose the right area

Before spraying on the torso like in the ads, you may want to consider other areas to apply your fragrance. A perfume will express its sensuality even more if it is sprayed on the pulse zones, where the heart beats. So to make the heart of your loved one beat faster, choose the back of the ears, the neck, the inside of the elbows or the knees. You can also choose to scent the collar of a shirt or spray a few drops on a scarf before you awkwardly forget it at his/her home… We tell you more about the scenting zones here.

Sensual perfume and charming notes

The best advice we can give you to find the sensual perfume that will be able to enchant is to choose a fragrance that resembles you, or that gives you confidence. Choose a composition that you feel comfortable with, that you can assume and that conveys the image you want to embody.

There are notes and accords particularly indicated to seduce. We think in particular of oriental fragrances that tend to envelop the nose… To invite them to escape and lasciviousness. Vanilla and amber scents, spicy shades or balsamic notes are all ingredients that invite seduction. Chypre perfumes intrigue as much as they fascinate with their almost erotic freshness. Bewitching white flowers such as tuberose or ylang-ylang embody the femme fatale, while gourmand notes make you salivate. Finally, the powdery and musky tones evoke the softness and sensuality of the skin, like a deliciously intoxicating shiver…

The sensual perfume according to Carrément Belle

For the past 30 years, La Baigneuse has also been caught up in the throes of perfumed love. She seeks to seduce you with her sensual fragrances.

vanilla is a gourmand fragrance with oriental and spicy notes

Irresistible vanille

In the 18th century, doctors recommended the use of vanilla beans to stimulate ardor… If this therapeutic virtue has not really been proven, the seductive power of this gourmand ingredient is very true! In the eau de parfum vanille, the delicate essence is combined with notes of almond and caramel, with slightly spicy undertones. Between sweetness and sensuality, this composition will captivate all noses, without being too sugary.

the spicy notes are predominant in 555 thanks to pepper, cinnamon and cloves

555 reasons to succumb

Oriental notes, spicy accords and powdery caress: 555 has decided to stack all the odds in its favor to seduce! This sensual fragrance par excellence is as tender as it is virile with its iris accents and peppery, bursting notes. A fragrance to be worn alone… to better share it with your future partner! As feminine as it is masculine, this bewitching and mysterious juice will undoubtedly titillate the nostrils to leave an unforgettable wake behind you.

so reveals spicy notes thanks to coriander

SO : sensual and sunny heat

Can you feel the temperature rising? This is the eau de parfum SO that starts to move your nose with its enchanting scents. This invitation to seduction begins with a fresh and citrusy flight that already makes you want to travel. Then it is a floral and spicy heart that appears on stage to melt it with happiness. Finally, the fragrance releases a wake of great sensuality thanks to all the facets of ambergris. A decidedly voluptuous program to be discovered by two!

What is your favorite sensual fragrance? Do you think fragrances can seduce?

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