Home fragrance: the guide for a cocooning atmosphere

home fragrance

Autumn is here and our desire for cocooning evenings is back! Today, we invite you to discover all our tips to create a warm atmosphere in your home sweet home… Learn how to choose and use home fragrance according to your desires, and make your home a real haven of olfactory sweetness!

The origins of home fragrance

Like skin scents, home fragrances have been around for thousands of years. According to the writings, their origins would go back to the time of ancient Egypt. At that time, different kinds of resins were burned to camouflage the pestilential odors of animal sacrifices. Still strongly associated with religious rites, the Greeks and Romans also used the fumigation of certain tree or flower essences to communicate with the gods.

The development of trade between the East and the West will then allow the transport of incense and spices, which will not be long in moving a large part of the wealthy population. From the Middle Ages onwards, perfuming home became synonymous with protection against disease. It was not until the Renaissance and the mid 1800’s that home fragrance was used for a much lighter purpose, just for pleasure!

Why use perfume in the house?

It’s so nice to open the door to your home and be greeted by soft and comforting scents or even fresh and invigorating smells! While we often tend to rely on skin perfumes to carry our favorite fragrances with us all day, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of home fragrances. For in a few moments they are capable of a lot. From a practical point of view, they allow you to chase away bad smells. Say goodbye to the heavy smell of yesterday’s squeegee or the familiar musty scent of a house you’ve just returned from vacation.

Another important point, the home fragrance is a choice ally to enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Bubble bath, scented nap or meditation session, the home perfume accompanies you in these moments of well-being. After a long and tiring day, all you want to do is go home and snuggle up under the blanket. Home fragrance helps you warm up the atmosphere while transforming your room into a cozy cocoon. And in addition to making you discover your favorite scents in a new format, they also metamorphose into decorative accessories that we like to collect. From the bedroom to the living room, through the office, we are totally addicted to these pretty scented objects that perfume our interior!

The different types of home fragrance

Scented candles, Armenian paper, essential oil diffusers, indoor mists, “plug-in” perfume, burnable incense… There are a thousand and one ways to diffuse a scent in your home! Among all the choices of home fragrance available to you, it is important to find the diffusion method that best suits your desires and the size of your rooms.

The scented candles

The scented candle has become for several years the star of the home fragrance in Western way of life! Real decorative object, it dispenses its soft glow in addition to perfuming your living room… What more could you ask for? It is by melting gently through the wick, that the wax will diffuse the perfume it contains and thus create a unique olfactory atmosphere. At Carrément Belle, our scented candles are made in France: the perfume is produced in Grasse, the wax is made a few kilometers away, as well as the wick in braided cotton. The glass jars are finally silk-printed so that each scent tells its own story through a meticulously applied design. You will have understood, if you seek to enrich your decoration and you like cosy atmospheres, the scented candle is made for you!

The incense to burn

Do you love travel and sensual atmosphere? Opt for an incense to burn and its perfumed smoke! The fact of making burn scented materials such as incense sticks will send you back in a few seconds to the very origins of perfume since they are ancestral methods. By burning, they will rid you for a long time of unpleasant odors while installing a hushed atmosphere, with a powerful smell. With a combustion of at least 30 minutes per stick, the incense to burn will be the ideal method to diffuse quickly a scent which you like in your interior. Did you know that our rattan stems are made in India using the traditional method, without glue or dye, and then impregnated with your favorite fragrances?

Other ways to perfume your home

To embalm your house it is also possible to “divert” your skin perfumes. Nothing could be easier: spray a few drops of your favorite essence on your curtains, your cushions or even in your bed linen. Be sure to spray the fragrance from a distance to avoid creating unsightly stains. The fragrance will cling to the fibers of your textiles to diffuse its wake for a few hours or even days.

Finally, there are still many grandma’s recipes to perfume your home naturally. Our favorite: put the skin of a freshly eaten clementine on the edge of the fireplace, or inside your oven when it’s turned off but still warm.

The choice of perfume

Now that you’ve decided on a spreading method, it’s time to find the right fragrance! And for once, let your nose be your guide! Already addicted to one of our eaux de parfum? Learn how to (re)discover it in a version available as incense to burn or as a scented candle.

You can choose woody and spicy scents during fall and winter, with ippi patchouli, kilim or so. If you are gourmand, don’t miss vanille! Its caramelized scents can be enjoyed at any time of the day and without guilt. To wake up from a scented nap, we adopt the aromatic sweetness of alfred kafé. To wrap yourself in soft, sensual and comforting notes, your nostrils may well be convinced by the thrill of musc. And if it’s towards the open sea that your nose wants to lead you, let a wave of freshness break through your interior with ïōdé!

3 tips for a long-lasting home fragrance

  1. Choose the right scent. The composition of the home fragrance has an impact on its life span in a room. So to diffuse a long-lasting house perfume, don’t hesitate to choose oriental, amber, woody or spicy compositions.
  2. Thou shalt leave the windows wide open. It may seem surprising to you, but to take full advantage of your home fragrance, don’t hesitate to air out your house or apartment regularly to circulate the air. Thus renewed, the atmosphere of your cocoon will be again ready to be subtly charged with your favorite smell.
  3. Choose strategic locations. To diffuse a home fragrance, focus on “key” locations in your home. As with your skin, choose places where there is traffic, which won’t trap the scent. In a hallway, on a landing, next to the front door… It’s up to you!

Tips on how to use your home fragrance

In order to keep the pleasure of your home fragrance throughout the seasons, it is necessary to apply some simple gestures. Do not leave your burning candle or incense stick within reach of children or animals. You should also avoid standing too close to avoid inhaling the smoke. So, you can take note of these tips to take care of your beloved candles. They will be able to accompany you during many cocooning evenings… Finally, we can only advise you to use home perfume all year long! Summer and winter alike, perfuming your home is an excellent way to feel good at home, to rest, work or even tidy up!

What is your favorite option for diffusing fragrance in your home? Do you prefer scented candles or burning incense? What are your favorite fragrances? Tell us all about it in comments!

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