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a scented set for you or to offer, or an unexpected accessory: let us surprise you!


The whole team wishes you a beautiful year, full of wonderful and scented adventures! Once again in 2024, we will be trying to surprise you with a new range for home, which we hope to unveil soon... Do you have any wish? Tell us all about it!


In 2023, goud was added to our collection: a newcomer that is already a hit, so thank you for adopting it so quickly! The eaux de parfum have also been given a new look, with graphic designs that give each fragrance its own artistic universe. Do you like them?


Perfume is by nature gender-free: if the rose is considered feminine in Europe, it is worn by men in the Middle East! We can therefore help you to better understand our fragrances, but remember:


  • I perfume myself therefore I am...

    1. french

    Our perfumes are made in Grasse, in the south of France, and each bottle is filled by hand in our workshop in Nîmes since 1988. We favour collaborations with local craftsmen to produce responsibly!

  • I perfume myself therefore I am...

    2. fair

    Our ambition is to offer you beautiful perfumes at fair prices... all year round! This is possible by investing more in the fragrance itself and less in the packaging or marketing.

  • I perfume myself therefore I am...

    3. unique

    "Rare perfumes that you don't smell on every street corner": these are your words when you talk about our fragrances. Confidential, that's exactly what we want to be and remain!

  • I perfume myself therefore I am...

    4. natural

    We select with our perfumers the most beautiful natural raw materials from the four corners of the world to create captivating and generous fragrances.

  • I perfume myself therefore I am...

    5. modern

    Thanks to a respectful synthesis, the perfumer's palette is wider. Real godsend, it protects species and allows to reproduce natural scents impossible to extract naturally for instance.

  • I perfume myself therefore I am...

    6. cruelty-free

    Because we care, our products are not tested on animals. Synthetic raw materials allow us to reproduce ingredients of animal origin and protect the species!

If you say so...

Jennifer M. | Facebook

I love Ippi patchouli! It is so long lasting, so french and so chic. J'adore, merci!

Dalal A-S. | Google

There's something for everyone at Carremément Belle Parfums!! Its fragrances are fresher than fresh; I particularly love using them after my showers. My mother introduced me to this sophisticated brand, and to that degree, it feels inherited. ÏODÉ is my personal favorite - it's the perfect mix of a whimsical sea breeze, cyprus flowers and woody amber.

Martina L. | Facebook

rofumazioni molto buone e particolari. Ottima durata. La confezione si presenta benissimo e mi hanno dedicato un pensiero scritto a mano... top !

Rosario TL. | Google

Hace años que utilizo Kilim i Ippi Pachouli y se han convertido en mis perfumes de referencia. Su aroma y duración son especiales y increíbles. Muchas personas me han preguntado por ellos porque dejo rastro!!! Como en España hay muy pocas tiendas donde los tengan hay que comprarlos directamente por web a la marca. La atención y eficacia desde la web también son excelentes.

Golda H. | Google

An out-standing marvel all! So elegance, deep, interesting, fascinating smells and a quality which is so harmonic with the body smell of each one. Who wants an experience and knows his real roots, will find the one. The delivery service is super convenient, fast and punctual. But the Parcel... Wow... Bravo!

Daniel GD. | Google

Muy contento y satisfecho con la compra. El envío perfecto, muy buena presentación, con varias muestras y regalos. El perfume es una pasada, me encanta. Tiene su historia. Días después aún se sigue oliendo su fragancia.

Cristina R. | Facebook

Vi ringrazio moltissimo per la possibilità di scoprire i vostri profumi attraverso il set di campioni. Fragranze molto buone e persistenti, di grande qualità e davvero confortevoli. Per ora adoro So, Ippi Patchouli, Musc, la Vaniglia... Ma li sto scoprendo pian piano e non escludo altri colpi di fulmine! Grazie anche del messaggio scritto a mano, un pensiero davvero gradito. Contenta di avervi scoperto, complimenti per la qualità del vostro lavoro!

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